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Found 35 results

  1. Recent Article: Although I doubt this specific disease will start a 'cinematic' zombie apocalypse, there is no doubt that some sort of disease could spread and give the human race a run for their money. Thought and opinions on the article? Don't wanna read it? Give me your zombie apocalypse action plan . ~
  2. This is the first post, so it won't get the formatting I plan to use for the rest. Today's prompt is simple: A SOL (Slice of Life) set in a post-post zombie apocalypse. As in, enough time has past that humanity and society has successfully rebuilt everything.
  3. We need a world which is more friendly towards zombie ponies just saying, maybe a whole zombie/ evil/ mythical world
  4. Decisions, decisions! What would you do, forums? Leave em'? Help em'? Blast em'?
  5. So, I'm creating a game. It's about the aftermath of WWIII in the near future. The Geneva Convention was violated and POW cruelty, as well as chemical and biological weapons were used. But Russia (I mean no offence to any Russians) genetically altered (insert disease) America isn't innocent either, they used mustard gas to kill off all of China. (Sorry China) Anyway Id like to know any diseases that could be a zombie virus. I'm thinking rabies.
  6. There isn't very much to say about this thing. I was bored today during lunch at school, I saw an opportunity for a great face, and I took it instead of eating said banana.
  7. My favorite part from The Walking Dead was the part where Tyrese Hallucinated after being bit by a zombie (walker). The scene to me was very emotional and sad. Especially when the girls were holding his arm, and when they were in the car saying "Everything is better now."
  8. I wonder if it is economically possible for Hasbro to end the show once they feel that it will lose it's integrity instead of running it into the ground. Has this ever been done with a property as easily commercialized as My Little Pony? Well, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic experienced a miracle in the form of it being really good, perhaps it can maintain it and the series can wrap up character development and story lore arcs for everyone and end the show on it's own terms? I was also wondering if we can avoid unmarked spoilers in here, including premises for upcoming episodes. For example, if the Cutie Mark Crusaders get their cutie marks, I'd like it to be an utter surprise that I have no idea about even based on the synopsis or title of any episode, something that I only see when I see it happen in the show as I am watching it, not something that gets announced or leaked or anything.
  9. Strange & Silly Song I made. Once again it's horrible, but I have fun doing them. So enjoy or don't.
  10. (The original title for this was "songs that make you want shoot zombie and/or rip phone books in half!") What are those songs that make you wanna do awesome stuff! For me it would totally be "Cherry bomb" (or anything by Joan Jett for that matter!) Links to your "pump-up" songs would be awesome!
  11. Just going to do this before I go to bed... here: Here are my results: 1. Genocide - Ikd-sj 2. Want It, Need It - Several Brony Artists - 3. Stand My Ground - Within Temptation - 4. Burn It Down - Linkin Park - 5. Life In Equestra - MLP - 6. Plastic Beauty - Sim Gretina - 7. Starvation - Two Steps From Hell - 8. Still Alive - from Portal - 9. Powerless - Linkin Park - 10. Numb - Linkin Park - Your turn.
  12. I'm not sure what I have just sketched.
  13. I normally don't make reviews about movies. The reason I decide not to do movies, is because I find that I don't have the experience judging them. Mainly because I just don't know when people act good or bad in movies. But this movie made me drop everything I did, and set me to make this review, so that nobody ever tries to make something like this again The premise: Knights end up in a valley overrun with zombies, while trying to escord a priest who also carries the holy grail. Now, I hear you think: how can a movie that has this premise be bad? It sounds awesome. Lets begin with the thing that can make or break a movie: the acting. Remember how I told that I normally don't know if the actors are good or bad in it? Well, if even I can see that these actors suck, then you did something wrong. The actors in the movie never show any emotion, ever. Its like they just don't care for their performances at all But I could have forgiven them that, if it was not for the most stupidest faults the director made in the story. At the begin of the story, the knights have to go in a cave (that leads to the valley with zombies) because otherwise the raiders they encountered would kill them. But tell me: why didn't the knights wait for a while, and get out of the cave. I mean, they have all the opportunities. Even after they find out the valley is overrun by zombies, they still choose to cross the valley. WHY?! It would kinda make sense if their was no other route to come at the destination, but the only reason they went inside the cave was because they had no choice. So that means that there has to be another way to get where they want to go. I mean, just let rocks fall, to block the way the knights came in the valley. This is something that this movie does wrong SO much. And with the cave isn't even the only time this happens. For some reason, nothing gets explained in the movie. Also later on: when the knights have to stand guard for the zombies. But instead of standing guard, they run into the field to kill zombies, who are like hundred metres away, and didn't even see the hero's. Everybody, even knights from the medieval times, would not do that. And its never explained WHY they ran to the zombies in the first place Add fight scenes were the cameraman seems to get an epileptic attack, story that often doesn't make sense, the ''go without me'' cliche matic scenes (and more cliche scenes) cheap budget, horrible acting, and you understand why this movie has only a 3 out of 10 at IMDB. And its a shame that this movie is so bad, cause it has one of the best premise I heard for a long time. One of the worst movies ever
  14. I would choose a Glock 17 pistol with high capacity. A katana and an AK47 with high capacity.
  15. Hello guys As you all know *Or most of you know* I am a beginner at animating, and animating ponies, but, I am planning a series, *I also have another series I am making*. It is called 'My Little Zombie'. The casting call will be in a month or two, maybe sooner, but I need your OC's, YES YOURS! When I get enough OC's, this will close, so, here are the slots. I need 10 OC's to be background ponies in the series, and maybe they will talk in a couple of scenes And I need about 20 OC's to be zombies. So, here are the slots BACKGROUND OC's: OPEN ZOMBIE OC's:OPEN
  16. The scenario: You've just gotten home from work/school and you turn the TV on to hear a news report about a pandemic spreading through the area, You pay no attention and decide to make yourself a sammich, When you get back and plop yourself on the couch you try and change the channel but every channel has some news program on about this, The next thing you know you hear screaming outside and see your girlfriend* getting horribly eaten by some monster, Luckily for you, you have the ability to open portals and bring things through. You have to decide who to bring, You can't bring more than 5 because that would be to large a drain on your resources. You decide to bring one of the following. One of the mane six: One background pony: One anime character: One video game character: One member from the forums: Please do not bring through ridiculously over-powered things like goku --------------------------------------------------------My Picks-------------------------------------------------------------- Apple jack- Would probably be an excellent survivor and if we were to settle down at one spot she would have an excellent knowledge of farming. One of the hospital ponies- Knowledge of medicine would be very help full in a life or death situation. Forget his name, but that insane guy from H.O.T.D - You know that guy who like, made a gun out of a nail gun or something*? Leon Scott Kennedy- Knowledge of zombie like beings and marksmanship would be very useful. Red- I know almost no one on the forum and he's the closest thing to an actual friend i have on here. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- srry for such a stupid plot ^^ *May or may not exist.
  17. A Celestia (The Conversion Bureau Xenolestia) of a Sauron like mindset uses our own children (Zombie Newfoals, former Humans) against us in an attempt to crush our resolve. Sending them to their deaths to change straight into machine guns, using them as mere cannon fodder against the Human race. Do you think the usage of Child Zombie Newfoal Soldiers could seriously psychologically scar Human Soldiers and make them hesitate to pull the trigger? But how about you? Would you be able to shoot a Newfoal child if it was changing at you? I would be able to do. But deep down my heart would be breaking. 2 I could do it, but only with the encouragement of from a friend ( fellow Human or Pony on Humanity's side) or help from a psychiatrist. 3 Other? (state in post.) ------------------------------------ Would a Human undergo posttraumatic stress disorder from doing this? Yes? No?
  18. Yes, I know this is a bit of a strange and perhaps odd question, but I was playing Fallout 3 earlier, after watching The Walking Dead (Which is amazing). This question popped into my head, which would be better for chances of survival? Zombie Apocalypse: While you may initially be safe, if most of the population becomes infected, there's no going back. Maybe a cure would be found, maybe not. Plus, being eaten doesn't sound nice. Nuclear Fallout: While yes, most of the population would probably be killed, those who survive may have a chance to rebuild. That's if radiation doesn't affect anything, and the world would be a much harsher place. Personally, I find it difficult to choose. If I had to, I'd probably go for Zombie Apocalypse. At least the world doesn't blow up...
  19. Welcome to the second part of my trivia-scouring journey into Romero's Living Dead trilogy. Let's set the mood and start things off with Dawn of the Dead,the movie that convinced everybody to try and break into a mall during a zombie apocalypse. NOPE. - The original story for Night of the Living Dead was so large in scope that (similar to Star Wars) that it was split into three parts, with the later two being stored away for later if the first one worked out. It did, so here we are. - Was filmed at Monroeville Mall in Pittsburgh. The production took place at night and took a break during the Christmas season, because nobody feels like taking down and reapplying all those decorations. - Every zombie extra was paid with a lunch, $20, and a t-shirt. - Makeup artist Tom Savini was unable to work on the first film due to being drafted into Vietnam as a photographer. He's said that his experience there has helped him become a better makeup artist. - Of all the zombie extras the crew worked with, the one the filmmakers thought was the most authentic was "the sweater zombie". Apparently, he had the look and mannerisms of a zombie down pact and was so good at staying in character that he didn't break it even when he stumbled onto the escalator by accident. - The two zombie kids who attack Peter at the airfield are Tom Savini's niece and nephew. They are the only zombies in the entire Living Dead series who run. - Tom Savini plays Blades, the leader of the biker gang that attacks the mall in the finale. Every member of that gang was given a name and personality by the crew, including Old Nick, aka the guy dressed as Santa Claus and played by George A. Romero. - Romero also cameos in the opening scene in the movie as the television station director. His wife cameos as one of the crew members. This is not as awesome as Santa Claus, though. - Many of the more unique zombie kills, such as the zombie getting his head chopped off by the helicopter, were thought up on set and quickly put together. Also improvised on set: Roger's delightful slide down the escalator. - The blueness of the zombies was unintentional. It looks cool, though. - Gaylen Ross didn't want to play a character who couldn't defend herself. When Romero asked her to scream for a scene in the movie, she refused. - In the original movie, before settling on destroying the brain/burning as the only way to kill a zombie, the filmmakers joked about having pies to the face be their weakness. That explains this scene. - Ironically, given that George A. Romero refused to tone down the bleakness of Night's dark-as-hell ending, this film was suppose to end with the last two characters committing suicide, one by shoving their head into a helicopter propeller, but was changed at the last minute so they would escape and live to survive another day. Thankfully, the dummy head that was to be used for the propeller scene was repurposed for the best zombie headshot ever. Now let's talk Day of the Dead. - George Romero has said that this is his favorite film in the Living Dead series, even if it is the lowest grossing. - The estimation that the zombies now outnumber us 400,000 to one would mean that there are only 600 humans left at the beginning of the movie. - The only movie in the series to feature a zombie talking. - That awesome shot in the gif up there did not turn out the way it was intended the first time, and by that, I mean the freaking wall fell over on actress Lori Cardille. - The appearance of 'Salem's Lot is a shout-out to Romero's good friend, Stephen King. - Romero makes a cameo in the film as a zombie pushing a cart. He can only be seen from the waist down, but you can tell it's him thanks to the Doctor Who scarf. - Lori Cardille told the actor working with her in a tense scene to slap her for real, in order to get a more real performance. - Shot the movie to be unrated at the cost of half his budget. Totally worth it. - Makeup artist Greg Nicotero used a zombie head from the production (which just so happened to be based off his own head) to prank his mother. - Fact: Captain Rhodes is the greatest zombie movie villain ever. Pictured above: a well-balanced man. Also fact: he suffers the greatest villain death of all time, period. Like, I would even rank it above Toht's melting face and Ursula getting stabbed in the boob by a boat and getting struck by lighting. I'm not posting it here because it's as NSFW with gore as you can get, but if you can stomach it, look it up, because it is a treat. And as it turns out, the line that pushes it over the edge of awesome into bad-assery was ad-libbed. So yeah, these movies are great. Bub and I salute both them and the forum-goers who took the time to read this blog post.
  20. Oh Johnny, you unfortunately ironic sonnuvahgun. It's about time we got around to the granddaddy of all modern zombie fiction, and shortly after its 45th anniversary, too. This is another one of my favorites. I have a lot of favorites, you see. - The movie was almost about an alien pathogen that infected living people and called Night of the Flesh Eaters (remember that piece of information, we'll get back to it in a second), but they decided on the whole "dead coming back to life" thing, with some radiation from Venus thrown in. After this was decided, the filmmakers tried to figure out the most shocking and horrific thing for the living dead to do, and they eventually settled on eating people alive. And thus, the Romero zombie was born. Or died, or, I dunno... - The first horror movie with a African American protagonist. - Made on a $114,000 budget, made around $42 million upon its initial release. Has currently racked up something close to $256 million as of 2009. - Was not shot in color due to a lack of funds. Black and white film was cheaper to develop. On the plus-side, it actually makes the movie much creepier, and the filmmakers were able to use Bosco chocolate syrup for the blood (the same brand used in the shower scene from Psycho). - The meat the zombies rip from their victims and eat was ham donated to the production by a local butcher. Chocolate syrup and ham: the breakfast of champions. - You can blame this movie for characters in a zombie story never calling them the zed-word. Instead, they're all referred to as "those things" or "ghouls". - Like most of George A. Romero's movies, his debut flick was filmed in Pittsburgh, where around 200 extras volunteered to play the living dead. Obviously, some of them were pretty cool about doing some nude stuff for the sake of art. - The boards nailed across the windows and doors were numbered so they could be put together in the right order after they were taken down for another shot. Continuity for the win. - The corpse in that gif up there was made by George A. Romero, who used ping-pong balls for the eyes. - Bill HInzman, who played the zombie who attacks Barbara in the opening scene, recently passed away. According to his daughter, he wanted to be cremated so he wouldn't rise from the dead. - Screenwriter John A. Russo volunteered to play the zombie lit on fire because no one else was comfortable with that. - In the grand tradition of horror directors trying to get authentic performances through disturbing their actors, Romero killed a butterfly in front of the cast before the shooting of a particularly tense scene. Otherwise, thought, it was actually a very pleasant production. No Texas Chainsaw-style clusterbuck here. - Supposedly, the moment editing and dubbing was finished, George A Romero and John A. Russo threw the film in the trunk of a car and drove through the night to New York in search of theaters that would show the movie. On the way there, they heard about Martian Luther King Jr's assassination. - Despite being one of the most poular horror movies of all time and one of the most successful indie films ever, George A. Romero saw very little money. As it turns out, back then, a movie had to have a tittle card that showed a little copyright notice so it wouldn't enter public domain. Unfortunately, when the title of the movie was changed to Night of the Living Dead, the title card with this notice was removed from the film and never replaced. So the movie can be posted anywhere or viewed by anyone with no legal action taken against them. In fact, here's the full movie right here. Ya'll kids better educate yourself and watch this masterpiece, but be warned: there be some mostly-tame-by-today's-standards gore and a naked lady butt. Well, you know what they say: When there's no more room in this forum post, the dead will walk the earth. So tune in tomorrow for some trivia on Night's two sequels, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead!
  21. Yes, I am making a casting call on here instead of youtube so I can make it a surprise So, if you enter and finish your voice acting entry, somehow put it on here, cuz I want this to be a surprise xD If you have a better idea tell me :3 Ok, so lets go! You must a a clean, awesome mic :3 And if you entered your OC, I will tell you when you can voice act for your OC, cuz ep 1 has no OC ponies talking yet. So, lets start! All I need is: Someone voicing Twilight Sparkle Someone voicing Fluttershy Someone voicing RainBowDash Someone voicing Rarity Someone voicing PinkiePie And I would love if you sounded like them from the show I will update this when another casting call starts! Which will be a long time xD So, ya! Here are the lines! Twilight Sparkle:Huh?! What was that? M-mister, your hurt.... let me help yo- huh...? AAAAHHHHHHHH! Rarity: my oh my, what in the name of Celestia is going on?! Oh dear.... AAHH! There is blood EVERYWERE! Pinkie pie: Sure, let me get you a cupcake! Wait, what is that moaning? WHAT THE- ITS PARTY CANNON TIME! RainbowDash: ugh, such a boring day- why is there screaming? Oh no.... Fluttershy: oh my, looks like a mess at the main part of town... Hello? AAAHHH! GET AWAY FROM ME! Applejack: what in tarnation?! Big Mac, get every pony safe! Fluttershy, run! I got this!
  22. Say it's the early stages of a zombie apocalypse in a parallel universe of MLP FIM, Canterlot at the moment has no zombies, but the countryside is devastated by hordes of cabalistic savage Ponies killing Ponies. Would magic give the Ponies an edge in combating zombies? Flying Pegasi zombies would be terrifying though. Magical forcefields made by and maintained by all the unicorns in Canterlot, they could wait out the zombie apocalypse in Canterlot until the zombies rot away and die off, provided they do the odd risky raid to get food and supplies. Say it was an insane necromancer unicorn that wanted world domination, using a banned magic book that tells you how to raise an army of the dead. However his zombie army is very stupid and don't really listen to him, he ends up captured by Luna and Celestia. Would they kill him? Turn him to stone? What? And what about the book? Would they burn it?
  23. Thank you so much for checking out this thread, have a look at the artworks done for the Trotting Dead. Spread the news though, we've got a sample comic waiting to be released so keep updated here for more details! (artists: David Hong a.k.a. Soulestia)
  24. HEHEHEH MUAHAHHAHA Its done! > The first fan art of MLZ! What do you think? And if you look out the window..... ;3; Just, please tell me what you think