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Found 36 results

  1. So, I was just thinking about maybe creating a topic to put all of the artwork I've got from requesting it from others. I have it all in a folder, but I have considered maybe making a thread to showcase it. I'm not entirely decided if it would even be a good idea, but I wanted to ask before I really even consider if it would be in line with the rules? I would obviously credit the name of the creators(Atleast including the name from whatever their site name was at the time.) But would It still be ok as far as the rules go? Considering none of it would be my creations(Unless I want to showcase some of my mediocre art ;p.) Would I be required to get direct permission from each creator? Because some of these people have left the site considering much of it is quite old. Again, i'm just curious if it would be ok as far as the rules go, I'm not really sure if it would be a good idea or not, so I may not make it regardless, but I'm just asking if it is in violation of the rules in any way. Thanks.
  2. A pretty random question, but i felt like making a thread for it. So pretty straightforward simple question, how fast do you eat? Are you a slow eater? Your always near the last to finish eating and people either steal your food while your trying to finish, or rush you? Or do you eat fast and people wonder how all your food is gone in such a small time? Does it depend on the situation? Do you consider yourself of average eating speed? I personally am a kinda slow eater, i normally take my sweet time, unless I have like no time. But generally i'm last to finish, and people are rushing me to finish ;p. Partly i eat slow because I don't wanna choke but yeah. I can eat fast I guess, depending, but not normally. So what about y'all?
  3. Hey y'all! Just was wondering as the random idea came to mind for this to be a topic, but whats everyones favorite gemstone? I would make a poll for this, but there is a lot of different gemstones, some i'm sure i have never heard of before. So i think i'll refrain from making a poll, as it might take up like.. alot of space . So anyways, my favorite gemstone is probably emerald. I just like the color, its a really nice shade of green, and green being my favorite color i just love how emerald looks. Its just shiny and stuff, and I like it . So what about y'all? Whats your favorite gemstone? And why?
  4. So this is actually a bit odd to be writing now since I just got finished taking a swallow tablet to prevent myself from catching the flu hopefully. However before then i'll be honest that i've never swallowed any tablets or pills before, and really i only swallowed the one i did after stuffing it in ice cream and accidentally chewing it in two.(that thing tastes disgusting.. ) I've never taken any actual pills though, and before i swallowed the tablet less then 24 hours ago i had never swallowed any medicine. Normally i just take liquids or chew-able tablets. I don't know why exactly, but i just felt like my throat doesn't wanna open when i try to swallowed tablets, or medicine of any kind really. Maybe i just lack practice, but anyways. I can't be the only one who has or had trouble taking swallow pills and tablets before, can i? I'm not even sure if i could take a pill if i had to, i might just choke on it, or it'd never go down. I know i'll have to get use to it eventually as most medicine is that way, but i find it kinda difficult personally, its actually a bit embarrassing in a way. I may be making progress to taking swallow medicine, but anyways.. Enough rambling. I just want to get to the point and ask the simple question in the title of whether anybody else has had trouble taking swallow tablets or pills? I feel like the majority hasn't, but i'd hope i'm not alone here ;p, or i'll feel kinda awkward.(Don't make me feel awkward and alone . ) Ahem. yeah that's about it, so feel free to begin discussing and stuff, Have a good day y'all!
  5. Okay, some of you know this, but @Zygen is currently working on a mare OC to be his main OC's lover/girlfriend. The design is finished for her, but he still needs to come up with a name, and other things. Zygen's OC: Mare OC: Anyway, I decided to draw a picture of them together for @Zygen. It's not too romantic, but oh well. The picture can be found below. Let me know what you guys think, and some constructive criticism for it would be nice. I'm just bumping this thread back up. I really want some critique so I can become a better artist. Thanks in advance to those who provide feedback and/or constructive criticism.
  6. Hey y'all, its been a little bit since i last posted any pony art here at all really, i haven't even done any for a while to be honest, so I figured i'd try some again. So last night I drew some pony art, i thought about just drawing my OC or something, but then i thought about the new OC who i've been working on, whos my new little mare . And i figured, might as well get her some drawings, since my OC has already had a good few. Yes, i basically am going to ship them as far as their story goes, i felt like my stallion needed someone to love, and i figured that I might as well make her someone to love . So thats how i came to create my New Mare OC, whos still yet to be named actually, so I just refered to her as my new mare OC . She has now been named Bella! I tried my best to make her color scheme look good together with my Ponysona, and I think they look pretty good together, but i guess its up to y'all. Anyways heres the art without further ado! Sorry that it looks kinda crap, i'm really rusty having not done pony art in a while, but hopefully i can get back into it some. Heres the pony creator image, if my drawing obstructs your judgement of the actual OC . And frankly I don't like shipping my OC with cannon ponies, so i figured i'd make my own to ship it with . Ps. I would like to also thank @Blue Moon for his help on the creating of the new OC, i had some help from others and I appreciate all of their help aswell, but Blue did a whole lot of helping, and spent a good bit of time suggesting things, so big thanks to him for making this OC the way it turned out!
  7. Hey y'all! Since I'm on spring break I've had a good bit of extra time on my hands, so I spent some of that time on making pony drawings, I drew both of these well actually I drew part of the first one a while back, and finished it yesterday, and I drew the other one yesterday. I guess without further ado I'll go ahead and show you them . This one is just my attempt at trying to make a pony drawing with a open mouth, it still looks off to me though, I really can't find out why.. :/. Gonna need some help with this maybe, or just alot of practice. This one was just a upper body and face shot really, I just wanted to see how it'd turn out, I was actually thinking of experimenting with it and making it an avatar, but I'm not sure how great it'd be really. Like always both are drawn with GIMP, using my mouse(M705 Logitech .) I'll be honest that I really haven't been drawing ponies at all in a long while, but I do wanna get back to doing some. I also need to start working on doing more advanced things that aren't just standard shots. I plan on trying different expressions and different hoof motions, aswell as different backgrounds. That look better of course. And I'm also possibly going to be making another OC to be a partner for this OC possibly, but I haven't decided if I am or not, and I haven't decided on a color scheme for her yet anyways. So I guess thats about it for now, as always I'm happy to hear critique on my drawings so I can try and improve them and stop making similar mistakes over and over, and improve. I'm also open to if you want to suggest any ideas maybe for a drawing you think I should try or maybe something i should practice. Any tips are also appreciated, even better if you take the time to maybe even provide some form of reference or resource or something to help me. I have some ideas for drawings maybe, but I guess my problem is going to be visualizing them well enough to draw them. Guess I'll see, I'm gonna try and get some kinda drawing done atleast one before I go back to school! And I also wanna try and get more into doing pony drawings more frequently again so we'll see how that goes. Later y'all!
  8. Well i just felt like asking because the idea came to me, and i'm not aware of it being a topic here. Have you ever had braces? I know alot of people have, i mean a good bit of people I know have at one point, of course I'm sure plenty haven't. I actually myself haven't had them yet. The dentist did actually say that I should have them, however I didn't get them for a few reasons. First of all, i'm a trumpet player, and playing trumpet with braces is going to impair me alot, plus I have a trio to play, and I'm definitely not going to let down people by getting braces and throwing my tone and playing away. Especially not when people are counting on me. And also, despite my dentist saying I have an underbite(I think I have an underbite, i forget which ;p, maybe I have an overbite..) i've had people actually compliment me on my smile saying its "perfect" so like what gives? I think i'll keep my "Perfect" smile thank you very much(Even if i don't see whats so special about it.) Also we don't really have the cash to throw away for that. So yeah, I guess even if my teeth aren't perfectly straight they're good enough to the point I don't feel i need or want braces. Not to mention they look painful :/. So yeah, what about y'all? Do any of you have braces? Or had them? whats your experience with them? Or are you just someone with naturally perfect teeth? ;p. I'm curious! So yeah post away! .
  9. I know that FIM has only had 1 theme, (unless there is a super secret hidden one somewhere... ;p.) but I have learned about the opening themes for MLP in two other languages, and the whole opening music and everything is entirely different in both compared to the English one. Anyways, rambling aside, after listening to some of these other themes, I oddly enough found them pretty good. And so I wanted to see what everyone else's favorite opening themes were, and why. I have personally quite liked the Italian version, I don't know why really, I guess I just think the singer has a really awesome singing voice, even if I can't understand the majority of what is said. (And honestly when literally translated it isn't quite as cool anyways in my opinion). The Japanese one is pretty cool too, but idk, I just personally am not a huge fan of it. The English version is cool too,(The extended version is better than just the part normally played.) but the fact i've heard it so much, plus just I think liking the Italian version better makes it not come off as anything amazing. But now that i've given my lengthy opinionated explanations, I want to get to the purpose of this thread, and figure out which theme you like the most! I'm only going to include the 3 I am aware of, since i don't know of any others, if there are other themes, then feel free to inform me, and I'll add them(assuming they aren't just translations to whatever language from English.) Oh and I'll post the 3 theme's, so people can more easily compare. Italian Japanese English Looking forward to hearing what y'all have to say!
  10. So, this is just a random thing I was thinking about. (I think about all kinds of random things, so I guess it isn't really that random.) Pointless rambling aside, I was just curious. I personally sometimes listen to some people on YouTube who do covers or parodies. Some I listen to more often, some less. I don't really listen to a huge list or anything, but I listen to them here and there. Especially as someone who has been trying to improve on my own singing, and I personally enjoy singing, I feel I especially appreciate and enjoy hearing a good cover, parody, or even original song in some cases. And most of this stuff I find on YouTube(actually basically all of it lol.) so that got me wondering. How many others here have people on YouTube they listen to covers, parodies, whatever from. Or are even subscribed too? If anyone is wondering what qualifies as a "YouTube musician" in my eyes I think it is someone who is a musician who puts their music on YouTube, and that is atleast where they get most of their exposure from, they can still have their covers and songs on other sites and stuff to download, but they still upload their stuff on YouTube and that's where people typically find it. As far as mine, I have two who I listen to a good bit. The first is a guy named "Caleb Hyles" He has a pretty popular "Let it Go" cover that you may have heard, but he also has plenty of other really cool covers that I enjoy personally. (I'd also like to throw in that he watches MLP! So yay! He's even done a "This Day Aria" and "Giggle At the Ghosties" Cover.) Here's his "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" Cover, one of my favorites of his personally. The other one whom I listen to a good bit often is a guy on YouTube by the username NateWantsToBattle. He actually does other gameplay stuff as well as covers and parodies, and many of his early parodies are Pokemon based, even a few today, but regardless I enjoy his covers and parodies, and even some of his gameplay and other stuff too here and there. He did a cover of "Simple and Clean" from Kingdom Hearts, and while I actually have not played Kingdom Hearts myself yet, he made me fall in love with this song! I think i even like it better than the original after I looked it up and listened to both. Here it is.. Alright, so there you have it, two of my favorite YouTube musicians. Now that I have finished rambling on and on hopefully you have not fallen asleep yet, and you will tell me some of your favorite YouTube musicians! Oh and one more thing, you can technically include brony Musicians, but If possible i'd like to try not to have this include just that, so if you can find any others i'd probably prefer that, especially since I think there have been favorite brony musician threads before. Alright, that's really all the rambling this time! Have a good day y'all!
  11. So, I decided to make what feels like my thousandth thread regarding something to do with computers, which makes me realize how much I really don't know when it comes to computers, even if I know a bit more than the average joe. Anyways, today's topic is on CCleaner! For those of you who aren't aware, CCleaner is to my understanding, a program that goes through your registry and deletes errors and useless junk left in your registry and stuff like that. But as someone who isn't super techsavy or anything, I don't really know the in depth stuff when it comes to CCleaner, and i've heard from others that it can actually mess up your computer. And since again, I don't really know the ins and outs of the program or anything, i really can't say I know either way. So i decided to ask some more knowledgeable people on here about what they think about CCleaner, and if it's a program you use, or would use, or you believe is not a good program to use, and will cause more issues than anything. Feel free to explain yourself, but keep in mind I am not highly knowledgeable when it comes to this, so there is only a certain amount I may understand. Your free to just really discuss Ccleaner in general if you wish. So let the discussion begin!
  12. (Jezz I really need to learn to make decent titles ;p.) Ahem, so, I did this a couple weeks ago now I believe(i forget exactly how long, but it was the same day I did the "Bats" cover if I remember.) and I finally decided to upload it here, since I had it lying around. Since this was done on the same day as the "Bats" cover I didn't spend as much time with it as I probably could have, and thus I honestly think it isn't that impressive, and I could have done better, but it wasn't necessarily terrible, so I figured I'd upload it, because afterall, this is a blog just for my cover attempts, both good and bad really. If you've known me long enough here, you'll actually know that I've done a cover of "Celestia's Ballad" before, and it's on my other Blog somewheres, and on my Soundcloud I believe, but I decided to do another cover, because it's been over a year since that cover, and I'd like to think I'm a much better vocalist then I was then. Plus my mic quality issues are less abundant, and overall things are much cleaner for multiple reasons. Like I said, not the best I probably could've done, I got a bit lazy on some of the ennuciations, and I still think the last note is kinda dirty, and there are other things scattered around, but it was atleast in my opinion an improvement over the last time I covered this, which is good enough atleast. Who knows, maybe i'll re-re-cover this sometime, and do it better, I could realistically re-do any of the covers i've done multiple times considering that this is a blog for cover attempts realistically ;p. Anyways, I'll let you guys listen and analyze and critique, and finish with my rambling. The recording was done the same as always, in Audacity, using my Blue Snowball mic(which I still think is a bit disappointing as a mic.) and I only edited it by removing the noise. (Well as much as I could without messing things up to much.) So hopefully you all enjoy! Oh, and after you listen to that, or before if you dare, you can listen to the first time I did this over a year ago, the instrumental isn't in this, and there's a bunch of noise because I didn't know how to audacity back then, but if you'd like to listen for comparative or referential purposes, or just to make fun of me or something, feel free! Have a great day you guys!
  13. This is just a question I had regarding virus protection software that I've been meaning to ask about. So, I have AVG currently, (Free version) and I use that as my virus protection. I don't use anything else thus far on this computer. But I was curious regarding Malwarebytes, it only scans for Malware doesn't it? I've never used it, so i'm not entirely sure, but I was thinking about downloading it to use just to be doubly protected from stuff. (Especially since my laptop I use to had basically died atleast partially due to a virus I believe.) Of course, I am not sure if it would be safe to use it alongside AVG, because last time I had two virus protection softwares present on my computer, it lead to a bunch of trouble(Last time on my old laptop I had Mcaffe, which came with that computer, and it wouldn't go away, and was just causing a mess, it wasn't working, and I think it was probably due to a virus, but I was unable to do any virus scans, so basically, I don't like Mcaffe anymore.) But if Malwarebytes does a different type of scan, would it be beneficial to have it alongside another virus program? I'm just curious, seeing as my laptop I use to have I believe got a virus, and I'd rather not have a repeat, so I've been very cautious and paranoid about viruses on this computer. So basically, would running Malwarebytes alongside AVG be a good idea? Or would it just not do anything, or lead to more issues? Thanks to anyone who can offer the knowledge, I know my basics and a few extra things when it comes to computers, but I don't really know a ton on the inner workings of things, and I don't want to mess up this computer.
  14. Hey guys! What's up! I finally decided to post this cover, I've been avoiding it partially due to being busy, and partially due to site troubles, but I finally got around to deciding to do it. I recorded this last Wednesday, because I had like almost 2 hours or so to sing home alone due to my family being out. And I knew essentially when they were returning, making me even more comfortable again. So I enjoyed my time and sang some stuff, there are some thing I tried to sing and they turned out bleh, mostly because I didn't spend a bunch of time on them, and some I just sung for fun during that time, but during that time I decided I wanted to try and do some kind of cover that I knew I could post, and I also decided to try one of the songs that might normally take a bit more time than others. So, after some exploring of stuff(Just so you know I tried "This Day Aria" and yeah, that song is difficult, i need a lot of practice to get that one ;p.) and I finally decided on "Bats". I also realized that Bat's has the exchange throughout between Fluttershy and Applejack, and the way that it transitions I wasn't going to be able to do it quite the same as I normally do songs, where I sing the whole thing through as one recording. So I actually had to record each part in the song separate, well I could've probably done Rainbow dash and Rarity's together or something, but it was easier not to. So I had separate recordings for Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbowdash, And the Chanting part. This is the first time I've ever done any multi track song, usually I just have the instrumental on one track, and my vocals on another, but I had like 5 different vocal tracks this time. I had a few issues with it at first, but in the end I think it worked out ok. The most major issue I had was with the chanting, because I kinda messed up the harmonies, and they turned out bad, I tried some artificial harmonies with audacity or something, but that was just bleh. So I gave up on the collective chanting(Partially because I couldn't figure out the different parts, although I suppose I didn't spend a bunch of time on that) so anyways, that's not in there unfortunately, Hopefully you enjoy regardless, maybe I can do this sometime again when I understand how to do that better. Anyways, I'm going to stop rambling and let you all have what you came here for. Actually one more thing! This recording was done with a different mic setting on my microphone, (Blue snowball) It has less sensitivity I find, so I wanted to see if it would make things sound any better. Tell me your opinion on that if you have the chance. I thought it was nice because the mic didn't get this loud noise when i got really loud as easy. Alright, everything else is basically the same, so hopefully you enjoy! Idk if i'd say it's the best I could've done, even with the almost 2 hours I spent recording attempts for this, (I only got like 5 saved recordings for AJ and Flutters, and only like 2-3 for the rest of the parts.) it could've been better, but I'll let others give their opinions. Enjoy!(Hopefully)
  15. Alright, so this is basically going to be a thread version of my blog in a way that I have, where I post a bunch of song covers, except well, I guess the ones here will all be MLP since this is for the MLP fan music, I may make another thread for non MLP stuff when I start doing more of that. If you want to see all of my cover stuff, and in greater detail, check out my blog on here! My newest MLP song cover will be posted here on the OP, because I cannot post but a certain amount of Soundcloud links on one post. If you want to check out previous song covers, feel free to check out my blog. The newest of my MLP covers is here! Have a listen! If you'd like to see me ramble on and hear more thoughts on the whole thing, again, check out my blog! Hope you enjoy! And please feel free to leave feedback! It is more than appreciated, even if you just say something really simple! It's just nice to hear that people are listening! Have a great day! Oh and also, if you'd like to provide input on how you think this thread should be setup regarding the format, feel free to give opinions on that, i'm still undecided.
  16. I already technically uploaded this on a thread, but I wanted to try it here on my blog and see which one people prefer. (Thread here ) So, I won't ramble on again (yay) so straight to the point, read the thread if you want to see some of my ramblings, otherwise here ya go! This is one of two recordings I uploaded, I'm unsure which is my favorite, so try one, or both, and tell me what you think!(Warning, to much exposure to Zygen's singing may lead to unidentified side effects, listener discretion is advised.) Enjoy! Atleast I hope you do And feel free to tell me what you think! I know I need a lot of practice, so don't feel bad to let me know!
  17. Hey y'all! So i figured i needed to post something to my blog, and i felt like the best idea was to post some recording of me singing Terribly "Smile smile smile" i did while i was home alone for a little. I sung like a dozen times, but eventually settled on two different recordings, i couldn't pick between the two, because both have problems in different places, so i just decided i'd post both. So, without further ado, i shall give you some of my terrible recordings! This one was actually my first recording i did, so i wasn't as warmed up, however it also meant my voice wasn't as tired, so it got better as it goes on mostly. Still has a few mistakes, and quiet in the beginning, but yeah. This one was like one of my later recordings, so i was more warmed up, however i also had my voice tired a little more, and i get tongue tied a few times, but overall its a little more confident and smoother, for the most part. I couldn't pick which, so i decided to post both, because like i said, both have flaws in different places, and fixed flaws in other places, so i just picked both. So if you want, tell me which you liked better, or which you listened to before you had to run away to save your eardrums hope you enjoy! I have another idea i'm thinking of starting on this blog, so i'll see what happens with it. Stay tuned for more! (This has been a look into the mind of a Zygen! (Or as mel would say, "The voice of zygen") Zygen is not responsible for any damage caused in the reading of this blog, if you experience any issues please consult a doctor immediately.) Batteries not included. Edit: by the request of swick I put the cover up onto Fileize for him, and for others who can't view Sound cloud correctly. Fileize Smile cover 1 Fileize smile cover 2 Again enjoy!
  18. Alright, so I thought about just posting this in a status update, but I kinda like how the blogs are much more free with the character limit(Well actually I don't think there is a limit on characters in a blog, so quite a bit more free ;p.) and it just looks more formal and stuff, and I had something happen today that was interesting in my opinion, and made me feel good today. And I figured it'd make a fairly decent blog entry, so I was like "Why not? I haven't done a blog on here in a while anyways." So on with the story shall we? So today was a Friday school day, usually pretty normal, but good as it's the end of the week. But today I had a little bit of an interesting thing happen in English class. So yesterday for English class we were given an assignment that we had the chance to do at home that night, or do the next day in class. I myself did the assignment the night before, simply because I wasn't sure if i'd have time or not to do the assignment as my English teacher has the tendency to turn things into stories and get off track sometimes.(I find the stories interesting in many cases, some are simply history, or background information or something, but they can drag on a while.) Anyways, the assignment was this poem analyzing assignment, honestly I am not anything amazing with analyzing poems, but I did it regardless well enough i'd hope. We used this format called "TPCASTT" I don't know if anybody else has had teachers use it, but my English this teacher had us use it for two different poems. So anyways, since I was finished with my assignment, my English teacher asked me to help a student with the assignment. Now the student who I was helping is one of those students who doesn't really want to do much of any school, and usually would rather cheat or just copy answers, and he kind of expected me to let me do that considering I had finished my work, and I was told to help him. Now, I'll admit that many times people have asked me this, and I have just kinda gave up, or not said anything, especially if it's someone i'm more well acquainted with. Plus, I'm usually pretty shy and quiet around people I do not know that well, and typically won't say anything and just let them copy. But today I felt compelled to do something different, and guess what happened? I said no. *Surprise* Lol, but really, I don't usually do that kind of thing honestly, I guess I maybe have a hard time doing so at times, especially if I know the person, but today for some reason, I was determined to say no. Now, did that mean I simply said no and gave up on him? To have him sit there and do nothing? Nope, didn't do that either this time. I decided to go all "professor" on him, I say professor because I kind of felt a bit teacher like the way I went about the whole thing. So instead of "helping" him I helped him. By guiding him through what to do, the real way to help. At first he just kinda thought it a joke, but after some rejection of him asking to just tell me the answer I kind of got him working. Then a student sitting next to him asked me for some help, I ended up rejecting what he wanted, for me to just tell him the answer, but he seemed the most willing to accept my help. So I again said mostly what I said to the other guy I was originally assigned to help. And then after that my teacher asks me if I could take on another person to help(Something along those lines, he is an English teacher, and thus he talks pretty formally, i'm sure you understand what I am saying. I forget his exact words.) regardless I decided to accept. This last student was a girl who again like the other two, would have rather I just tell her the answers, instead of helping her to learn how to find it out, but again, I rejected this idea, and I tried to help her as well. She was the least willing of all of them to accept my advice and guidance, and after the first few parts of the assignment she just kinda gave up. Another student asked me for "help" again, but I rejected her idea of help, and she rejected my guidance. So she isn't really important to the story, the other girl stayed around for a little bit, and I feel I may have got through to her slightly, but I feel like she was much more concerned with just copying, because she would try to copy from guy who was the most willing to learn how to do it himself. So eventually she just kinda left. I focused on the two guys left, mainly on the 2nd one who was most willing to learn how to properly do this. I kind of felt like a teacher, because I kept encouraging him to think and explain himself, instead of telling him what to do, I think being in counseling oddly enough kind of helped with this, even if counseling had nothing to do with this really, because my counselor would often ask me to explain myself, instead of letting me be vague. The other guy kind of thought for himself, but eventually he was mostly just copying. And then I think he started guessing. So I focused my attention on the one guy who seemed to be atleast listening and trying to figure out the poem for himself(especially important considering how poems are alot about interpretation anyways.) And through my teacher like attitude of helping by explaining the process and helping to encourage and guide thinking, he was actually getting through things, which I thought was pretty good considering that he probably would have rather just copy the answers. He came up with all the answers on his own, with only some input from me guiding him. And while he wasn't able to finish the entire assignment that day, our teacher let everyone finish it for homework, and since I had guided him through most of it, I think he atleast learned somewhat how to do the poem analysis. I don't know for sure how much of it he took to heart, and how much he thought I was just being nerdy and a jerk by not helping him, I don't know how much he laughed about the whole thing, or if he actually learned from the experience. I even mentioned while rejecting having the girl copy my answers that copying the answers would only get her so far(I know, kind of cliche, but it's true.) And so I feel that through actually attempting to help for once, instead of letting them copy, I feel like I atleast got through to them to some degree, to maybe help them not to just copy their way through school. Regardless, I felt quite accomplished actually, and I felt like I did a pretty good job of being a sort of teacher in a sense. It was actually quite enjoyable to see that I actually was making progress with teaching and explaining the process to him. So yeah, today was a pretty nice day, simply because that made me feel accomplished. Was I being to much of a nerd? Should I have just given up and let them copy? Should I have not bothered to try and help change their ways? Idk really. I don't know for sure how effective it is, infact, I doubt that any of them will never cheat or copy again just because some kid in their grade told them it wouldn't pay off, but i'd like to think that the effort maybe helped them atleast consider it, maybe I even helped to some extent, and I think that's what counts. So yeah, sorry for being a bit rambled and long winded, I do that a lot, especially writing stuff. Hopefully this was atleast somewhat intriguing to you all, so tell me what your thoughts are on the whole thing if you get a chance. Did I do the right thing? Or was it a simple waste of my time? That's all for now, You can get out of my mind now ;p.
  19. Alright guys, so today is Monday, and it was a slow day, slow to get up, slow for school, ect. Mondays are always kinda slow ;p. But anyways, I got home today, and my stepdad was out of the house on errands, and my mom was outside working (She works till 6, and doesn't come inside all that often.) and my brother had practice for Football. So I decided it was a nice time to try and sing something, because I like singing, and that's basically what I do most times i'm home alone ;p. If not that and something else. So this time, I decided to try doing "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan, why? Because Disney songs are fun to sing! And this one is fun to sing too(Fun fact, i've never actually seen Mulan) so of course I decided I was in the mood for it, and tried it out! I originally thought i'd only be able to get in like 1-2 recordings, but I actually got in like 4-5 attempts, which is pretty good considering my first run was kinda eh. By the 2nd or 3rd I had got the hang of things a bit, and so I decided that after listening to them some, that I would upload some, because why not? ;p(I love torturing your eardrums anyways . So without further ado, enjoy my cover attempt at "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan. Again, this is basically unedited, no autotune or anything(atleast to my knowledge, unless audacity does some kinda auto pitch correction or something, I don't really care for autotune in most cases when it comes to singing, but that's another discussion ;p.) The only thing I did in audacity was stick the instrumental on, record my voice, edit out the noise in the background as much as I could without disrupting the audio quality to much, and threw in some gain so my quiet mic would allow you to hear me hopefully! Hope you enjoy! Overall this run was pretty clean in my opinion, I actually considered just putting this on my regular blog, but idk, i'm starting to like putting my music on a specific blog, like all of it, but I am unsure, maybe you all can offer some input as to what you think I should do concerning this blog. There are a few times I get off key, and miss some note, I also feel like I breath kinda heavily sometimes, but that's kinda something I've always sorta done, so idk how much I can fix that. Besides editing out breaths maybe. Oh, and I cannot sing the random speaking part Mulan does, or really most of the speaking part anyways xD, i tried anyways ;p. Oh and one more thing, I decided to throw this in as a little extra bonus material thingy, I don't know if this will become a reoccuring thing with this blog, I have thought of posting multiple recordings, and seeing what people think of each, but I don't want to bother people with having to listen to multiple recordings of me singing the same song, so I try and narrow it down to a single recording. This time, I had a recording in which I messed up the lyrics to the chorus like twice, although otherwise it was pretty good, so I figured for either humorous reasons to laugh at the fact I can't sing lyrics, or simply if your curious as to how some of the other recordings went, that i'd post another recording as bonus material or something. So here's the "bonus material" which is inferior in my opinion to the other recording, but I will post regardless. Tell me what you think if you do listen! Alright, that's all for today I think folks, I'll have to see if I want to throw my random "Let it Go" cover I have on my computer at y'all or not, i'm debating on that one, since it's kinda overdone, and not the greatest attempt ever, leave your input if you'd like. And thanks for taking the time to listen to myself sing! It really means a lot to me! Simply knowing that someone atleast was able to tolerate listening to me cover a song. Have an awesome day!
  20. Hey y'all! I just started this blog! And I decided to kick it off with a little something, and since I did some cover stuff for a little bit while I was home alone earlier, I got a few tries at "Pinkie's Lament" and while I didn't get a cover I felt was satisfactory enough for my main blog, I got some ok ones. This one is one of the covers(It says cover 4, but that's the file name, I had some issues with that, so I'm not actually sure I remember how many times I tried this, 4 might be around there. I only have like 2 decent recordings, maybe a third if I decide to upload it.) Anyways, this is "Pinkie's Lament" I think this is overall the best of the two, although I may upload the other one for comparison sometime. This one I feel does better overall though. Of course, there is still plenty of mistakes, maybe some I'm not even aware of as someone who is still very much learning to sing, but regardless I imagine you knew that considering the title of this blog ;p. Here it is! One thing I should note, is that I make a bunch of mistakes towards the end, with forgetting the lyrics, and I get off key in the last little section for a bit, for some reason I couldn't remember the notes on that part or something. I was doing this along to the instrumental, so I didn't have Pinkie to go off of anyways. But I felt this was the better way to go about it, even if I actually haven't done a lot of attempts at covers without having the actual singer, and just listening to the instrumental, so I apologize if I miss a few notes.(or more ;p.) I also messed up on another lyric earlier, for some reason I messed that lyric up every time, I don't know why. Probably should've memorized the lyrics better, but I didn't have the time really. I think that about does it for what I can remember as far as obvious mistakes. Other than that, hope you enjoy somewhat, I know I am not the best singer, and still need lots of practice, but I hope you enjoy regardless! Oh and again, as i've said before, critique is more than welcome! Just as long as it's constructive of course! Don't degrade my confidence to much or anything, I don't have a lot of it, infact I have a bit of stage fright when it comes to singing, which is why I only really sing when I'm home alone. Oh and this was recorded using audacity, with a blue snowball microphone, and other than that, I didn't do any editing of the vocal recording, besides gain adjustment and noise removal in audacity, I didn't do any pitch correction or anything(Not to my knowledge anyways, unless audacity does that automatically or something.) So this is basically the raw thing more or less. So again enjoy! And I hope this blog ends up being a good idea! If so I will have to try and get some more stuff on here. A good day to all of you!
  21. Hey y'all! It's Zygen here! I decided to finally start this new blog, because i've had the idea of it for a while, but I've yet to go through with it. Basically, this blog is going to be more or less only random cover attempts and singing of stuff. However, these will all be singing attempts, which are mostlikely subpar, They may be good in some parts, but bleh in others. Or downright messy. My good clean runs that I feel are good will end up on my normal blog mostlikely, unless I decide to just do all my music stuff on here. (Main Blog) I may even put non singing covers of stuff, maybe if I want to do covers on Trumpet of stuff, or when I get better at it maybe even guitar, we shall see. However, this blog will mostlikely stay as the covers that never made it, I like to call it my "Cover Junkyard" because that's what it is basically ;p. Anyways, if you want to follow this blog, feel free, if not, I don't blame you, either way, just be warned this blog will not be containing awesome singing mostlikely, but may have some really mistake ridden covers and such in it, so only follow if your prepared for some messy mistakes. (Or just to see me embarrass myself failing to sing something ;p.) Also, I am trying to improve on singing, so any tips are more than welcome! Please, try not to be to hard on me for mistakes, as I am trying to improve, it's not like I plan on being subpar at singing forever. Plus I have confidence issues and a bit of stage fright when it comes to singing, and thus I only sing when my family isn't home. But critique is more than welcome! As well as tips, of course there are going to be some pretty obvious mistakes at times, just be warned ;p. That's about it I think, have a great day! And I hope to get some stuff on here soon! Listening to me make a fool of myself .
  22. Zygen

    Ask Zygen!

    Ok so I've been contemplating whether I should do one of these or not, but I finally gave in and decided to. So yeah you know the drill, ask me whatever you feel like asking, and as long as its appropriate and nothing I feel uncomfortable answering it shall be answered . So if for some reason you've been dieing to know about me and my boring self, well then the wait is over! . I'll reply to them whenever I can get to them, it all depends on when I get on and when I have the time and whatnot, so yeah. Ask away .
  23. So, today I was feeling random, and I felt like making a blog post. Then I thought I'd tell a random story, and for some reason this came to mind... So if you aren't aware, in games and the such, I typically have this affinity for Elves, normally in games when I can, I am usually playing an Elf if it is possible. For instance, in Skyrim all my characters right now are some variation of Elf. Why exactly do I like Elves though? Well, besides the side of it that I don't really know why, I just do, I have a theory based on some of my own experiences. Back when I was like, 3 or something, idk I was young enough that I don't remember much about it, I mostly know about it from my parents. Anyways, when I was 3(give or take a few years ;p.) I was at my grandmothers house, and I was running around like the little child I was. Then I fell on something(i really don't remember what exactly.) and somehow I ended up chipping my ear. So yeah, apparently according to my parents my ear was kind of pointy since it was chipped after that. Whether that story is entirely true or what, i'm not entirely sure, but I can only assume it is, since i don't really remember it. (Yay for bad memory ;p.) It could've been made up, but regardless, I think it plays into my liking of Elves. Or maybe it doesn't. Who knows, maybe I just like pointy Elf ears for some reason xD. The world may never know.... The reason I thought of this particular story I think, is because I actually got my ear cut while getting my hair cut a few days ago, and I currently have a bandage on it, because it ends up bleeding every time i take it off so far. And my brother said it makes me look like an elf with a bandage on my ear, so yeah ;p. Moral of the story, I like Elves. Hope you enjoyed the story, and if you would like me to think about doing more feel free to let me know. Or if you want me to do something else, I just felt like posting in my blog, since i haven't done so in forever. Or if you totally hate this series, you should tell me to never blog again, ever! Maybe not, idk, anyways, i'm going to stop rambling, see y'all around!
  24. Ok, so I've had my new computer now for a few months now I think(I'm unsure the exact amount of time.) and I've bought a bunch of steam games, especially with the summer steam sale. I also bought Skyrim, which I have been playing a bunch, downloading mods and stuff, it doesn't run super well on my computer, but it still runs around 20-30 FPS on medium settings right now. Depending on where I am. But with all these mods I have and the fact Skyrim can be kind of on the more demanding end for graphics, I got wondering and possibly concerned for if my graphics card or processor might be overheating. Nothing has happened like shut downs or anything, I've had no issues, no FPS drops, or anything to say that my computer may be overheating in any cases, but I just got paranoid being the paranoid person I am. So I downloaded two different programs that monitor my computer temperature. The two programs are Speccy, and HWMonitor. Both do basically the same thing from what I know. The weird thing is, both programs say the exact same temperature readings. And the temperature readings as i'm just sitting here with both open along with Steam, Skype, and a couple other programs that just are normally open are open, the temperature reading on my processor is like 50-60 C. Meanwhile, my Graphics card is apparently like 1-5 C. Which is really cold sounding. There are other readings it gives me, like fan rotations rate and voltage and stuff, but the temperature seems... off. And I was just worried something might be up, or if I simply don't understand the proper temperature my computer needs to be at. I'm not sure, i'm just paranoid, and don't want anything to happen to my new computer. Also while playing Skyrim, once it starts my processor goes up to like 70 C or so, and my Graphics card goes to like 13 C or so. Still seems abnormal. So yeah, i'm stumped, i'm kind of afraid I might be damaging my computer while it runs in this condition, so I don't really know what to do. I'll give some information on the computer and stuff, and I can give more, or atleast try to, if anyone asks, but for now I'll just try and give what I think may be useful. First of all, i'd like to mention my computer is not put together by me, but by the people who I ordered my computer from on the site Ibuypower It has all kinds of gaming computers on it and stuff, and lets you customize the computers and stuff, and I put my computer together on there and they assemble it and send it to me. The computer has two fans I have control over, well limited control of high low and off, i'm not even sure where they are. I usually have them on high when playing games, and low if not. There are other fans i'm sure, but i'm unsure how many. The computer also has liquid cooling in it. If you want specifics ask, but I feel they probably aren't to critical. My specs are OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit SP1 CPU: AMD A10-6800K (4 Cores) RAM: 7.00GB Dual Channel DDR3 @ 667MHz Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd F2A88X-D3H AMD Graphics: 768MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 8670D Storage: 1TB Power supply: 300 Watt And I also have cold Cathode lights, if that means anything. I imagine they don't affect the temperature, because they're well, COLD cathode, but I can turn them off with a switch. I can also try and get more specifics if anybody needs, I still have the list of parts and stuff they sent me along with the computer, and I can also check my specs with one of these programs, or just with windows. And my graphics card is intergrated into my Processor. Not sure if that would affect things or what. I know, it's not the best idea ever, but I had a budget for the computer, so I couldn't just get anything I wanted. I plan on trying to get a new graphics card and upgrade some other stuff in the future, but right now i'm broke. Thanks in advance, hopefully somehow can provide some kind of insight into exactly what is the issue with my computer, or if there is any issue for that matter.
  25. This was just a random idea that popped into my mind, but i just felt like bringing up the suggestion. So unless i'm really dumb and new members don't already automatically have this by default, I feel like new members should automatically be following "Canterlot Castle". It already has a little note that says that members should keep up with it, but i'm sure not everyone in the forums follows it, and thus not everyone may know about every change or thing that goes on as far as news. But the thing is with all the important things that happen in the news, section when they do, shouldn't all members be informed? It just feels like all new members should automatically start following the section, due to how important it is, and if they don't want to follow it then they can just unfollow it later on. I dunno, i suppose it may be kinda pointless, or it may just not be something that can be done even, i'm not that skilled on that end of it. But i just felt it was something i didn't quite get why it wasn't this way, and i felt like suggesting it to maybe get an explanation as to why is should or should be this way. So thats about it, do you think having all new members automatically following the "Canterlot Castle" , or news section of the forums, from the start? Or is it unnecessary or might cause issues?