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What's Your Catchphrase?!


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"Fuck this shit"


"You're a dumbass"






"That ain't no Spongebob"

This was said by friend over a Skype call in minecraft. He was buiilding a penis out of sponge,and when asked what if it was Spongebob, he responded with. "That ain't no Spongebob"

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"Fight or flight, Ready to go." "Put the Equalizer down and shut up!" - Video game use. 


"Smiles are contagious" - Daily use in every occasion.


What's the plan?"   "LET'S DO IT!" - Executing an idea.


"Vell zen," - Usually followed by; "zat vas interesting." - After the previous idea is done.


"For the table at the end!" - Battle cry

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I have a few....


"Gg." For when something both spectacularly and failtastically happens to friend(s) or people I know.

"Come on, man!" Usually when saying something completely ridiculous talking to a friend (or friends!) of mine, or debating with said friend(s), and we end up derailing from the original topic. :lol:

"What is this, I don't even..." Usually said after saying "come on, man!".

"What even...?" Said in moments of "what the heck?!".

"Wat?" See above.

"That was pretty lulzy!" Usually said when something funny is seen or heard.

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LOL, I have at least a few.  But one that immediately comes to mind is when I'm pressed for time but I don't want to stress somebody out:


"Take your time...and hurry up."  :)

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Well, I don't have one particular phrase, but I tend to talk like a Youtuber named 'Teo', so I often say things like:


"Ah! He owns me! He owns me! / We get owned!" (when being actively killed), "We own this guy!" (when killing), "Ah, we die" (when close to death), "He kills me / us" (when 'foretelling' the unlikely/likely outcome of something), "Yeeeeeeaaah!" (when something really bad suddenly happens), etc. in certain situations when playing video games. :P




"I don't know man" (when unsure of something), "You sure about that?" (when someone says something completely wrong), "Oh really? Oh really?" (when someone says something completely obvious), and more. :)


Mind you this is mostly done in my head, or spoken silently to myself when nobody's around. :lol:

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Well I wouldn't know if these are classified as catch phrases but these are my go to responses to certain situations :lol:

"Naturally" -_-  (basic agreement response) 

"Is there something you need?"  :eww:  (annoyed response when i just want to left alone)

"Gosh dang!" :o  (This one covers a lot of things. It covers responses for me being scared, surprised, or when i see things out of the ordinary)

"Pardon?" :huh:  (Response to things that don't make sense, or me being confused)

There are others, but phrases probably wouldn't be the word to use for the others, it would more likely be catch sentences or something :muffins:

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"Are you freaking serious?"

"That's ridiculous!"

"Well, that's just perfect."

"Incredible.  Absolutely incredible."

"Come on, it's not rocket surgery!"

"Hey, don't threaten me with a good time." (The military is a neverending game of gay chicken)

"What the christ?"

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"What the crapperella?"


I also often refer to others as "dearie"


"Never trust a man who doesn't tie his own bow tie."


There are also variations of "flapping your frakking facehole" referring to people who won't shut up.


"Go do the thing!" Or "I'm going to do a thing."

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"90% of the time...im right 20% of the time"


Courtesy of Pinkie Pie: "IM JUST ABOUT TO BE BRILLIANT!"




"Sounds like a personal problem"


"welllll excusseee me princess"


I usually make up random cuss words as well


OH i forgot


"I "Mustache" you a question."

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