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What's Your Catchphrase?!


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"I know things nao."

"Son of a biscuit!"

"What the frick..."


"Who is this creature? ._."

"You weirdo...!"


"Go away, you weirdo. >.>"


These are my daily sayings...xD




(I literally tell people i'm sorry even when there is no reason to).

I thought I was the only one! xD
I also say "Okay." even if it's not intended.


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Well, my Motto is 'Sciencia est Potentia' since everyone should have a pretensious latin motto  :P


As for a Catch Phrase... most likely 'gimme a minute' - which kind of functions similarly to the phrase 'I can fix this'. I might not be able to deal with whatever it is *NOW* but I will momentarily!

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"If you think about it...." Then i go on about the littlest of details about life, games, tv, movies etc. 


"Dick Biscuits" Is my random insult for when i'm annoyed at something.


"Mate, I'm not lazy, i'm just conserving energy for thing more important like getting stuff from the fridge"

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- Nailed that with a ten foot pole!

(when I accomplished something.)


- Nahhh, that ain't me.

(Destiny, did you [blank])


- It's against my religion.

(When someone asks me to do something I don't wanna.)

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"___, let me just tell you" - When I'm explaining something in my mind, I tend to say what I'm explaining or whatever, then end it off with 'let me just tell you' ... along with a wave of the index finger, of course. Ain't complete without that. :P

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"Pecking Order" - I say this whenever people who I don't like talk to me. Check your privileges

(for reference) Mr. Popos Pecking order"

  • You
  • The Dirt
  • The Worms inside of the Dirt
  • Popo's stool (feces)
  • Kami/Dende
  • Popo

and mine lately have been:

"Excuuusse me, princess"

"well sweet mother teresa on the hood of a merecedes benz"

"____, stop making out with your boyfriend, i can hear it from here...it sounds like *squelching sound*"


"well, sweet jolly *squee* ranchers, arent you special" 

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Let's see.

There's one I have that I can't actually post here without getting into some kind of trouble. x)


I have one I use with multiple versions which are usually ending with "...punch a baby", "...punt a puppy" or any other variation.


I have a very high tendency to say one word when playing a game of any type and that is "Bullshit!". Apparently, I use that one more often than I thought.


I also like to say "You bitch/hoe/whore/slut" to whoever does even the slightest of things to me.


I'll very often say "Calm down." to just about anyone who gets even mildly excited over anything.


"Oh my." is also one as I say it to just about anything even remotely shocking or interesting.


And as of late ive developed a new one of "Im hungry".

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I have a few on these forums.

"Surprise, bitches."

"*relevant gif here*"


"'insert shift pun here', hehehehehehe...."


"*insert really bad pun here* MODS DON'T KILL ME PLEASE"

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I say "Eh?" a lot at the end of my sentences, and even if it doesn't need it, I ask it in the form of a question.


I say whenever I see "jacked up" trucks, I comment to whoever is near me, "A little top heavy, aren't they?"


I also squee a lot to my husband....glomps included.


If stuff goes wrong or I'm having a bad day, I say, "well this is silver platter filled with s**t, ain't it?"

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Mine is

"ah shit"

"Sweet mother of Celestia"

"пошел на хуй" (this means "fuck you" in Russian)

"are you fucking a dick" (suppose to be in replace of are you fucking kidding me)

"Loyal tell death" (that's more of a motto though)

and "Down with the Brotherhood" (also more of a motto)

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Let's see, well there is:
"What's wrong with that?"
"I hate you"
"I'm not cute"

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