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Can I guess more than one? I'll guess more than one.   Final Fantasy VI. The iOS remake, I believe. Hard to mistake that artstyle.     Skyrim with a Rainbow Dash mod.   ---   My

The premise is simple: someone posts a videogame screenshot, and you try to guess it. After the game is guessed you can then post a screenshot of your game in return. Retro and obscure games are allow

I wish Sega Rally had vertical loops like that!   Or any other racing game for that matter. We need more of those!

Posted Images







This one is probably pretty easy.

Super Mario Galaxy with the newest DLC!

:squee: I'm so happy I could just...*yay*


Here's a quote..


After losing your son in the game your character says.."Damn it!"

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I don't play a lot of racing games so I wouldn't have been able to guess that one. In the name of racing games, it's time to do one of my own:





OMG Moto Racer!!!

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OMG Moto Racer!!!

I'll be honest, I forgot this thread existed.


I also didn't think anyone would know what game this was. Lurved this game. I still own it.


No one's gotten my last one yet though. Dunno if anyone will... :lol:

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Another Suda51 title; could only remember the word "Damned" from the title. xD  (Confession: Looked it up.  "Shadows of the Damned."  My brother got the game, but I never got the chance to play it.)



Yes, I actually downloaded an emulator and .iso to play this steaming pile of game (really, it might not be so bad if I DIDN'T HAVE TO CONTROL HIM WITH THE DAMN MOUSE).

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That duck/bird dating simulator. I don't know the name.



Um..... Wrestlemania x6?

Wrestlemania XIX.



Some kind of fanmod of capcom Vs marvel

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

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