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Genderbent names anyone?


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This can be a little hard but also fun, what would be the MLP characters' names if they were the opposite gender?


Here are a few I've been thinking so far:


Twilight Sparkle - Twilight Spark

Big Macintosh - Beauty Macintosh

Scootaloo - Scootazoom

Rainbow Dash - Rainbow Flash

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Hate to burst your bubble, but...


Twilight Sparkle - Dusk Shine


Big Macintosh - Macareina


Scootaloo - Scooteroll


Rainbow Dash - Rainbow Blitz


But anyway, do OCs count?


Riley - Rilea


Anala - Aidan


Cassidy - Cassidia (I wanna give her a boyish unisex name...)


Clementia - Clement

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Applejack- still Applejack apparently


Pinkie Pie- Bubble Berry


Rarity- Elusive


Spike- Barb

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Considering I've seen my fair share of R63 stuff.


I know some of their names.


Mane 6


Fluttershy - Butterscotch

Rarity - Elusive

Applejack -Applejack

Rainbow Dash -Rainbow Blitz

Pinkie Pie - Bubble Berry

Twilight SParkle - Dusk Shine


Spike - Barb


Secondary Characters:


Soarin - Glide

Zecora - Zircon

Trixie - Tristan

Celestia - Solaris

Luna - Artemis

Cadance - Bolero

Cheerilee - Jubilance

Shining  Armour - Gleaming Shield





AppleBloom - Applebuck

Scootaloo - Scooteroll

Sweetie Belle -Silver bell


Villains/reformed villains


Discord - Eris

Chrysalis - Metamorphosis

Nightmare Moon - Nightterror Nebula/Darkhorse Knight

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  • 9 years later...

I know most of them, but some I disagree with


Rarity - Elusive (could've been Vanity)

Princess Cadance - Prince Bolero (could've been Prince Charming)

Sweetie Belle -Silver bell (Could've been Silver Beau)

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