MLP Gameloft App Won't Load

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The MLP mobile app won't load up past the "Hasbro Gaming" screen. Can somepony PLZ help me? I've been playing that game since I got my tablet, and I've put SO much time and effort into it. (not to mention the fact that I was only a couple daily bonuses away from getting Rainbow Dash).

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you should probably contact Gameloft about this. I couldn't help you much, since my app loads up as it should. good luck either way :)

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 below is the Gameloft forum.





The solution I am aware of is a little too complicated for some (unless you have experience in Android debugging and know how to put your handset in debug mode). If you miss a step you can lose all of your save file information. Worse, you can technically trigger a ban flag since the game is now looking for modifications to the encrypted file and it did look like it was picking it up like it was a hack. Not good.


But if you want to risk it, and you have some knowledge


1. Download SDK and ADP from Android dev website (its free)

2. Install and remember the directory the android.bat file is in

3. Connect your phone and put it into debug mode

4. Pull up a terminal/command window and type this in


adb pull /data/data/com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftPOHM/files/mlp_save.dat C:\mlp_save.dat


5. your save file in your phone should now be on your C:\

6. uninstall the game and re-download and install it

7. play the newly installed game to the point where Nightmare Moon appears. A new save file should be created.

8. Close the app

9. Go to terminal/command again and type this in


adb push C:\mlp_save.dat /data/data/com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftPOHM/files/mlp_save.dat


10. enjoy a more stable game


AGAIN, if losing your data is something you cannot deal with, or getting the handset ID banned ... please do not do the above. If you do and something screws up, I may not be able to undo it.




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