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I think you need to take a looooooong break from FiM or just hit the door buddy,it's clear you don't even want to like the show anymore.   Also your 'prophecy' of MLP:FIM also applies to your commen

I don't get it. The first episode wasn't good because it wasn't your fan fiction idea?     MLP is primarily a slice of life show. If you don't like that kind of thing, maybe it just isn't for you.

This is your opinion... Sorry I don't really like your idea because they wouldn't be able to make "slice of life" episodes. I know that many members, including me, like these episodes. And what's wr

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This discussion seems to be moving in circles. Rather than a normal talk about Season 4's merits and flaws, everything in this topic is more along the lines of discussing the opinions of one person and reiterating that certain things will never happen in MLP due to the tone and audience of the show. Because of this, it has been locked. If anyone would like to talk about Season 4 and what they did or didn't enjoy about it, they are welcome to use this thread.

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