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The Five Rules of Prince/Princess...

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Create a 5 rules for your favorite prince/princess' empire

They can't be offensive or NSFW.


I'll start...



  1. All citizens of the Appleloosan Empire must be FABOULOUS!
  2. All Races must not hate one discriminate another.
  3. All Sexualites and Genders must not discriminate one another.
  4. All shall love and tolerate King Braeburn and King Soarin!
  5. All citizens must own a cowboy hat.
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Celestia is default princess, but that doesn't mean she can't be best princess.


The Five Tenets of this Most Holy Solar Empire


1) Thou shalt swear unto thine own life an oath of loyalty to the ponies of this Empire.


2) Thou shalt hold in thine heart the shining light of truth and justice in all in all thy dealings.


3) Thou shalt ascertain that thy dealings serve not only to further thineself, but the good of all.


4) Thou shalt practice compassion and mercy - but know when they must end.


5) Thou shalt strive to see the optimistic light of the dawn in all things.


EDIT: Sorry, having some trouble with BBCode.

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