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OOC R.O.O.M.A.T.E (SoL,Romance,Friendship) (OCC) (CLOSED!)

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He has my blessing, if that's what you were asking for.


Sounds like I'm asking you if I can marry him! xD




Apperance: grey coat,Red/black mane and tail, hourglass cutie mark

Race:Usually alicorn,but for this roleplay a Pegasus is fine


Bio is in my signature,im on my phone so i cant link it


Welcome to the RP! :D

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It's LunaKitty! I am here with a SoL/Romance/Friendship RP! The story is:   Electro Twist is looking for some Roommates! She just bought a huge apartment and needs some roommates in order to keep up

Name: Blaze Wing Age: 20 Appearance: in the link Race: pegasus hybrid (Pegasus/pheonix) Gender: male And Link to Bio: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/blaze-wing-r2696

Name: Riley Age: 19 Appearance: Red coat with blonde mane with unique spikes, directional arrow cutie mark Race: Pegasus Gender: Male And Link to Bio: In signature   Name: Anala Age: 19 Appearance: W

(Stares at Lunakitty with a stern look)


Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! Here you can join in! The RP is seeming a bit bare! And maybe shrink down the age a touch? Maybe 22? So it fits with everyone else's age!

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That has everything you need to know. In Anna's story she moves to Ponyville after some certain events in her story, but I'll say she moved to Manehattan, had some trouble finding a suiting apartment, so she jumped around a bit before finding the one in the RP. I'll also play her at the age she has her son, who is a pretty young baby.


Err... I know you said the RP is closed, but I have had some really bad luck with another roleplay of mine, that was SoL very much like this one, and I really, really, just want to get a chance for a good RP on this site. Hopefully I can get some blessings for those of you who know what I'm talking about, and I can have my character arrive late, since that's what she does a lot. If I can't, I recommend editing the RP in Full Edit, and switching it from Planning to OOC to avoid further confusion with other players. I read through all the pages, but I was just hoping I would have some luck like Kit.


Please consider, I feel I have a lot to offer RP wise

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If a space opens up for a new character, please may I play? I'll be using "Lorem Ipsum".


Name: Lorem Ipsum


Age:18 (His bio says he's older but it seems like a younger version would fit the roommate idea).


Appearance: Large in stature with a pale brown coat. His mane is straight, smooth, brown and reaches down to his shoulders. His eyes are green with his left having a very small orange blot.


Race: Earth Pony


Gender: Male


Link to Bio: Available on my profile page



Also, Lorem is deaf. He's capable of lip-reading though and communicates with words and not sign language.


Edited by Filthy Cropper
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