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What would you do if you get...?

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So, let me get a shot on this one:


 Get a business.

 Make it so this business sells something useless but trendy. (take some of that money to make the media sell it for me)

 Sell pieces of my business.

 Buy pieces from other business whom also do the same.

 And repeat until the world is mine.


 I'm sure done well this can make you infinite money so i think i would do a lot of things you do too... ice cream sounds like the best idea to me right now.

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I would put it all on black

Well, with 70 bucks, I would probably buy groceries.  

Savings, stocks, interest building. That's all. Why spend money when you can make MORE money with the money?

What would you do if you get US$ 70.000 ? :D


In my case, I would take my brother, mother and boyfriend outside of my country. Anywere they want London, NY, Roma, etc. :squee:


And then I would spend it in Greenpeace to protect the forests :yay:

I would get me and my mother a better apartment, that way we won't be freezing most nights. And as others say, give what i could to legit charities,

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For me, that would be 85,834, considering exchange rate.  I'd probably finally buy all the components for my pc and I'd save the rest.

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I would move to another country and start a new life,  since my current life is boring and restricted.  -_-


Or maybe I will buy a castle...I wonder if it's enough, though.

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Use some of it to pay for my college tuition and keep saving it for once I am done with my two year degree. Put the rest back so I could move away and get an apartment for sure. 

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$70,000 is £45,189.04 at the current exchange rate so...


Pay for an expensive meal for me and my friend, spending £189.04 on it, whatever wasnt spent on the meal itself would be left as a tip.


Now i have a nice round number to work with, i'd pay for a years worth of rent upfront, that'd help my flatmate's financial situation out alot, which leaves 39,600. Next i'd pay off my debt from my motorbike, 36,400. Now for a new exhaust system and general bike parts, 34,600. Time for a new bike! 22,100. 



So yeah, after that, i have 22,100 left which i'd just leave in my bank account, i could use it to pay for my next year of university but i'd rather not! :D

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I'd try to divide some of it among my immediate family members so they could all take a shot at things they want to do. Then I'd set aside just a bit for personal travel and give some to Worldvision, my favorite charity. 

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On 1/14/2019 at 6:05 AM, Midnight Solace said:

I'd probably give it to my friends here on the forums. They'll need it more than I do.

I don't plan on living that long.

Um....I just wanna ask, are you allright? Your comment there is a little bit worrying to me tbh.

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I'd pay off my student loans and not have to be worried about medical bills. I wouldn't have to work (which is difficult for me right now with my feet problems). This all would be really nice.

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