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Count to 42 Before 42, Dovashy or (sometimes) Stormgiggle Posts

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Welcome to my lair. Here, you'll find a long hallway filled with 42 different traps. Each post you make will advance you down the hall, but also brings the risk of triggering a trap, which will unleas

We did it! Page 1000!   29

Lunaris Adamantine 42!   HA HA HA! We have bested you, FortyTwo!

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I'm not sure I've gotten quite that high, but I've been way up there. Still, I'll take these small victories since I'm rarely the one that posts the dethrone count and I just did 2 in a row. :P

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Well you are getting there. With some time and work, you can help propel this dethroning to highs that could surpass mine and a few others who aided me. A little trick I know, is something that not even Dova can truly stop entirely successfully.

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The trick I speak of is something that has slowed down 42, and Dova would be no different. Something the legendary Crimson Cross did a lot to work in a lot of posts fast. The good old 'speed up' trick. When it's done is also brilliant. I cannot say more, but yeah.

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