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Hi Everypony!


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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rarity

How did you find MLP Forums?: I searched my friend's name and found that she was on here! (YAYYYAAYAYAYYAYAAAAYY)

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I was trying to be more like other girls. Trying to act "Girly" I was tired of being bullied for being different. I stumbled across mlp. "Oh my, it's that little girl show from my childhood!" I watched it and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!! Now I'm bullied about it (Flipping irony) But I'm happy that I found My little pony! Now I'm a pegasister!

I'm part of the human cutie mark crusaders. A small school group that looks for more pegasisters and bronies. We stop bullying against ponies. And try to find out who we are!









​I'm represented by Sweetie Belle in the human cutie mark crusaders! 

(She's my favorite)

(And my friends say I'm a good singer but I don't think so....)


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Well a fine hello to you @Bella_Faus

The CMC are an awesome trio, it's awesome to see such a thing being replicated IRL. The power of friendship will always prevail!

Sweetie Belle is your favourite? Then may I recommend visiting the Sweetie Belle fan club? You might like what you see!  :D

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your stay, have fun on the forums!

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How ironic that you got into MLP to 'be more like other girls' only to find this awesome new cartoon that attracts tons and tons of GUYS as fans... Not that any of us would claim that it's not girly!  It's just girly AND awesome, a sadly rare combination in girls' cartoons that hopefully won't be so much of one going forward.


What you do at your school to stand up against bullying is very, very impressive to me.  I was bullied a lot in highschool (mostly verbally, but more than enough to cause problems) and that was just for being "kinda geeky" in general when no one else in the school was.  I can only imagine how tough kids who're brave enough to openly like ponies in school must have it, but knowing groups like the one you're a part of exist at all makes me very happy.


Also good on ya for posting one of my favorite screencaps from the show from one of my favorite S3 episodes, plus I'm loving the grown-up Sweetie avatar!  She's my favorite, too <3

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Hey there ^.^

Welcome to the forums! It's fantastic to meet you :D


My name is Samurott and I'm so glad to have you join us!

I hope that you have a super awesome stay!

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