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Can you help complete this high school cliché timeline, and expand it?

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In this situation, the movie's not over yet, i'd say it's about half-way through. This would be the part where things get serious. The new girl and her friends completely overthrow the MG's position in power, probably in front of everyone. Then the mean girl discovers something that the new girl doesn't want her friends to know, probably something embarrassing. Three situations could occur; the new girl tries to avoid it entirely and it drives a wedge between her and her friends, the mean girl reveals it after a stand-off, and it drives a wedge between the new girl and her friends, or one of the friends finds out and tells her friend there's nothing to worry about. Doesn't matter though, because it all ends the same; the friends band together through some circumstance, come back to school, and completely upstage the bully, this time definitely in front of everybody. Her power shattered, all her friends gone, the bully leaves, never  to be seen again, and the best friends stay friends forever.

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Mi-28 havoc starts firing at school or ah64 Apache crashes into school 

Spetsnaz or navy seals raid on school to get vip (new girl) out of the school

School becomes a battlefield 

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It's most likely that the bully will hold something incriminating against her just in case she doesn't keep in line. The New girl will be broken, momentarily, and her life will fall apart. This goes on until her friends confront her and she tells them what's happening. After a short event that reestablishes their friendship, they wreck the bully socially. Happily ever after.

(Picturing Diamond Tiara makes this so much easier.) The bully being written in the sequel is difficult. Honestly, she'll probably be relegated to a side character as seen from the hero's viewpoint. She'll have struggle with her past actions until she does something that fully redeems her, no one(except,possibly, the hero) will truly trust her until then. She has to tow the middle line, she can't regain her original popularity position, nor can she be written as a pity case; either one will hurt her character. Also, her story has to come with a choice; when the hero is at a pivotal point(the life or death scene), she has to make a choice; save her, or go back to who she was. Doing the first will fully redeem her(and make her her own character), doing the latter will seal her as a permanent villain.

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What about her possé of mean girls? What will they be doing, all the way to their futures? Willnthey betray the bully, and suffer betrayal in turn? What kind of jobs would they go into, in such a cliché'd setting?


And don't forget the boyfriend the new girl may have. What will be his future?

Anyone else here to help out?

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NG & MG get sent to principal's. MG posts them offensive things on that internet and stuffs. NG gets mocked, P's help NG, MG tries again, NG and P's prove MG tried to frame NG, MG gets expelled, and yeah.

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