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ayy lmao


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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash

How did you find MLP Forums?: I went up to ur mam's house and was like yoooooooo. She was gettin turnt to this website and i was all like i gotta get in on that ayyy

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: There once was a mang who was like, watch this horse show and i was like, "k."



>Final confrontation with Nui
>Nui: *smiling* Oh, it's you again, where's my sister? 
>Nui: We had a falling out before and I wanted to make up with her.
>Nui: Hahaha, I'm a very forgiving sister, I'm sure she was just confused.
>Satsuki: Ryuuko? She doesn't want to see you again, she's moved on.
>Nui: Hahaha, moved on? Doesn't she want to get revenge on the one who killed her father?
>Satsuki: She told me that she refuses to play into your games any further, and left it to me, "her precious sister".
>Nui: *look of anger* What? Just what the hell are you saying? 
>Nui: *enraged* I'm...I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS HER!!!!!
>Nui: *charges towards Satsuki* I'M HER ONLY SISTER!
>Satsuki: Hmph, filthy pig.
>Satsuki: *unsheathes Bakuzan Kouryu and Gako*
>Satsuki: I'll also take the role of avenger, for the death of my father.
>Nui: *blocks* !!!
>Sanageyama: Don't hog all the fun to yourself, Satsuki.
>Sanageyama: After all, *takes stance next to Satsuki with Bamboo Sword*
>Sanageyama: I've got a score to settle as well. 
>Satsuki: How are the others?
>Sanageyama: Holding off COVERS without issue. 
>Satsuki: Let's get to work then, Sanageyama, Ryuuko's going to need that Sword Scissor.
>Sanageyama: Ryuuko told me to be sure I help look after "her wonderful sister she loves so much", promising me a rematch. *mocks Nui*
>Nui: ... *engages Decapitation mode*
>Sanageyama: Oho! I SENSE A CHALLENGE!
>[Pigs In Human Shamisen Intensifies]
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Hey man, I don't get the anime reference or anything, but I hand it to you for being so avant-garde with your introduction.

I actually speak your crossbred language of tumblr and 4chan memes, so maybe we'll be friends or something.

>tfw society doesn't understand ;_;

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