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Request Names for a Changeling


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Can anyone help me with a name for my Changeling OC, She is a Black Changeling Foal with a Long mane Long tail and Green eyes, she is a very sweet and nice Changeling and is very shy, She does not like what the other changelings have done to the Ponies of Equestria, Mainly the ones under queen Creysalis She does not feed on Emotions like other changelings and does it only when it's 100% necessary.

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Proteus:Greek Shapeshifting god of "Elusive Sea change" sneaky, cunning e.t.c. Protean means adaptable, mutable, capable of assuming many forms.

Metis:Greek Titaness whos' name connoted magical cunning also a shapeshifter whos' name means wisdom, skill, craft. The "Royal Metis" was a quality the Atheneans used to describe someone who was wisely cunning.

Melissa:Greek mythology raised Zeus got transformed into a bee thus the name meaning "Bee" in greek.




Mirrorhoof all names i just came up with.

Abectrozeus, Cyclomatooth, names of Megacolony units in Cardfight Vanguard which is the clan of insects.

Need more? Also a changeling page named a changeling Metis like i proposed!!! http://askchrysalis.tumblr.com/post/62679985343/rariling-such-fabulous-individuality-should-be-a


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