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Movies/TV Most of nowadays movies suck


Watching a movie  

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  1. 1. Which of these is your main reason for watching a movie?

    • Plot
    • Characters
    • CG
    • Other
  2. 2. Most of movies now are lame. Agree or disagree?

    • Agree
    • Disagree
    • None of above

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If you're thinking that, no. I'm not a Nostalgiafag, hater, troll or anything else. I admit there are excellent movies such as Maleficent and How to train your dragon 1 and 2,  master pieces undoubteldy (At least, for me). I really didn't think there were going to be an outstanding production among lots and lots of shitty remakes or non-original movies. There was no reason for producing Transformers 4, in fact I don't wanna talk about that.


Really, I'm losing my hopes on cinema because most of the feature films are cliché, stereotyped and with nothing new. They almost destroyed my childhood with Godzilla's remake, and I say almost because the special effects, the new monsters and the current Godzilla design liked me at all. Rest of the movie, except the sporadic battles, is horrible. I mean, am I watching Godzilla or the MrGeneric's melancholy? It seems the director didn't bother in studying and analyzing what made Godzilla so popular (You can correct me if I'm wrong).


Back to the topic, most of nowadays movies are boring and bad. I'm going to show you with a dramatization.



Chraracter one: Boss

Character two: Employer 1

Character three: Employer 2 


Situation 1: A guy sents a story written by him to Hollywood

Boss: "Well, gentlemen. Any ideas for a new movie?"

Emp.1: "Well, I propose a story which a 19 aged guy wrote sent to me. It's pretty awesome, it has content we've never seen before."

Boss: "Does it has aliens?"

Emp.1: "No"

Boss: "Zombies?"

Emp.1: "No"

Boss: "Any vampires?"

Emp.1: "No"

Boss: "Then we have nothing to discuss..."

Emp.2: "I read this book's prologue and my brother in law says it's good. We can adapt this book to current times and change the ending for make it more commerical"

Boss: "Perfect!"


Situation 2: Action movies

Boss: "Any proposal for action movies?"

Emp.1: "What if we make a movie where we explain every action scene giving it a why and a where?"

Boss: "Don't like it"

Emp.2: "I propose to make a movie where the plot has no importance, but the CG, the explosions, the shoots with the best actors included"

Boss: "I really like it! Accepted!"

Emp.2: "No wait! I think three movies for Ironman aren't enough"

Boss: "Excellent, we have to do a fourth! You're in charge of  creating a completely stupid and unnecessary plot"


Situation 3: Romance movies

Emp.1:"What if two persons have a crush each other but then a problem emerge and the girl decides to leave him?"

Boss: "Good, not bad. Then?"

Emp.1: "Then...nothing. The girls marries with another guy and the dude figures out that she's not the only woman worldwide."

Boss: "Horrible. Don't like it. Another proposal?"

Emp.2: "What if at the end he runs streets trying to reach her, he declares his love to her, she is delighted about this and decides to marry him and having a lotta children?"

Boss: "That idea is better. Add a car and it's perfect"


Situation 4: Comic superheroes

Emp.1: "What about a DeadPool movie? People already know it and feel identified with the character. Besides, an anti-hero would be very attractive..."

Emp.2: "I wanna produce the very first Superman movie but with CG"

Boss: "Excellent, you gotta think like him (Emp.2)"


Do you get my point? I don't know if Hollywood is out of ideas or if this became more commercial than ever being this the "Fanfiction Era"; a name I gave to the actual movies. Really, seeing a movie now is the equivalent of reading a fanfic in Internet. I've found fanfics which have more sense than actual movies.


Anyway. What do you think?

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Movies are for money and being talked about on news, not putting joy and imagination into the hearts and minds of viewers like they once did. The very first time someone decided to put something imaginary into a movie, it was considered life-changing and amazing. Why can't movies still do new things, break the old standards, be amazing? Because nobody cares anymore. Everyone is obsessed with amassing money. Everyone.

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Well, this is what happens when you get a super over-saturated market. So many movie studios that are too afraid of loosing money, so instead they make everything the same, having the movies plot play out by the numbers in an effort to appeal to the lowest common denominator in order to make money.

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I don't understand people's problem with Godzilla 2014. It was actually paying homage to the original godzilla where he didn't show up until very late in the movie. You were probably just spoiled from Pacific Rim. Anyways, I agree with everything else you said.

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Okay, regarding the first question in the poll, where's the option that says "all of the above"? I mean, way I see it, all of those things are important in a movie.


Secondly, I have to respectfully disagree.

I've seen some very good movies come out in recent years. Frozen, Wreck-it Ralph, Tangled, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, the upcoming sequel to said Layton movie, How to Train your Dragon 2, and even Equestria Girls was at least fun to watch.


... Oh, but I don't know about those recent live-action action movies, I never watch those.

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Which of these is your main reason for watching a movie?


How about all of the above?


Most of movies now are lame. Agree or disagree?


Debatable, I don't think all movies nowadays are lame(just some), there just haven't been any in recent memory that's appealed to me

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Which of these is your main reason for watching a movie?


Plot > Characters > Acting > Scenery > Sound > CG


Most of movies now are lame. Agree or disagree?


Most movies are lame, but it's debatable to decide if movies now are any worse.  There has always been mostly bad movies, but as time goes one people tend to remember the classics more than the bad.  It's easier to compare summer movies because that's when the biggest blockbusters come out, and no one forgets those.  I think each decade is better than the last in terms of summer blockbusters.  To compare anything else is much harder to do because they are much more vague to remember.

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The entertainment industry as a whole has gone too commercial.



Hell, even Spielberg and Lucas, the two guys who pretty much invented the blockbuster, said that one day people will get tired of it, ticket prices will go through the roof, and other media such as streaming services and video on demand will pretty much decimate today's business model. It's just a matter of when.


Source: http://variety.com/2013/digital/news/lucas-spielberg-on-future-of-entertainment-1200496241/?curator=MediaREDEF

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You aren't seeing the right movies. Just like always, some movies are great and some are trash.


Go see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes if you want a great recent movie.

you see that was a good movie, but the problem that I have it that they are all remakes or sequels. I mean come up with a new idea! 

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I agree because most movies made at any time suck. The past just seems better because all the shit hasn't aged along with the good stuff, so we never see it unless we intentionally go looking for terrible old movies.


And there was totally a reason to make Transformers 4: some people wanted some money. And they got it.

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Honestly all three of those are very important to making a good movie, but in my opinion the thing that makes any story is the characters


You can have a mindblowing plot, but if the story fails to make me attached to the protagonist and/or hate the antagonist, that plot means nothing to me. The thing that builds up tension in any good movie is wondering whether the character/s you've grown so attatched to will succeed or fail.


Look at star wars or lord of the rings, would you really give a shit if frodo could make it to mordor and destroy the ring if frodo and all the other hobbits were just huge dicks all the time? Would you be disheartened about the failure of a character that was bland and lifeless? Even cartoons like mlp, we wouldn't care at all about the everyday problems of those cartoon horses if they weren't given some character development to make us like them.



Now that I'm done with that, yes, I can agree that the majority of movies made today are average at best, with only a few standing out to me, most action movies are nothing BUT mindless action, making little effort to tell a story. It's hard to put into words, but in general I find most modern movies very boring, and almost half-assed when it comes to the plot and character development. You know hollywood is in bad shape when videogames are generally better at telling stories than them.



What happened to the gems like Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, and Pulp Fiction?

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I think the comic movies are the few good ones out there but the thing is that they can't just keep relying on those forever. I have to say most of the original stuff that is coming out I can take or leave and some of it is just stupid. I don't think the movie scene has fallen nearly as far as TV though.

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