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Is Big Macintosh out of character in Applejack's Micro?


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In Applejack's Micro story, one of AJ's attempts at catching the Sass squash is foiled by....Big Mac using the mirrors as a vanity. And then when AJ notices that her plan has failed....again, Big Mac chimes in with "mirrors all gone" which makes him sounds rather unintelligent, even though it has been implied many times that Big Mac is actually very smart and, as proven in the main comics issues #9 and #10, he is actually rather eloquent, at least in his thoughts. is this behavior in this Micro out of character for him?

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Honestly, that is one of the main issues of the Micro comics. I mean, they're good fun in their own right, but at times...they seem wonky. I mean, the Rainbow Dash #2 is a good example of that as well; not to mention Fancy Pants in Fluttershy's micro.

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