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Fundraiser - brony artist in need


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Hello everybody,
My name is Samuel Curd, I'm a brony artist going by the screenname "Dilarus", I've been in the fandom since last year and have loved every moment of it. I taught myself to draw and started contributing to the brony community with my tumblr pages Southern Belle AJ and Meet the Pones, I've gained some very modest fame there and hope to continue for years to come.
And now I have to ask all of you to support me in a very personal endeavour. You see, my older brother Ben went to Australia to get out and see the world and shortly afterwards was diagnosed with cancer. He has had an operation and is currently undergoing treatment in Nyah (near Victoria), but the chemotherapy is making him far too sick to work.
Without any money he cannot afford to buy food and his accommodation is $70 a week, so my family is paying all we can to support him. The Australian government won’t give him any money except providing the operation and treatment and he naturally wants to come home to England. His insurance (Outback Insurance) aren’t paying for his treatment since it’s being provided by the government and they won’t pay for him to be repatriated to England since it’s not a medical expense.
So in a nutshell, my brother is stuck literally across the globe without money and wants to come home.
And so I would like to ask the brony community for their help in this endeavour, myself and Casy wish to hold a livestream with lots of drawing and games in the hopes of raising the $1100 (Australian dollars) for his plane ticket home. This equates to roughly £650 or $1000 US, I know it’s a lot, and it may be a long shot, but I hope that we together can spread the word and bring my brother home to his family.
The fundraiser will likely be held this Sunday (20th July 2014) from 8AM to 8PM GMT. If you’d like to join in with or watch in the fun, we’d like to play minecraft, battleblock theatre and portal 2 for a while, as well as possibly drawing a special picture TOGETHER including OCs of people watching the stream. More artists are always welcome, and any reblogs/reposts/facebook statuses etc would be greatly appreciated.




Already we have raised $300 from donations, thanks so very much to everyone to get us this far!

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I hope its going well Dil!
I really hope your brother gets home to you guys and continues his treatment with family.

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