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sweetie bloom

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It was a wonderful spring day in ponyville. The singing birds, the refreshing water, everypony was happy... expect one. there was a hooded figure coming to an apple farm. The employee said, " what can I getch'ya?" " I'll take that hatchet over there." The stallion said calmly waiting for a response. " uh, sure, why not. We don't need it anyways when I could just use my hind hooves." " Thank you." He broke the wooden part with ease. " I'll sure need that for the campfire tonight." He then took out two sticks connected with a chain. Nunchuks. " what'ya using that for, buddy?" " I need to pay someone a favor." " uh. Ok?" The farmer said questionably. What he didn't know is that the man was looking for payback. He was a legend. He was famous. He was... li. [ next scene]

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