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Searching Soldier Anon and the Crystal Kingdom. [Action, Adventure, Comedy]

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Our story begins in the humble town of ponyville where the only Human in Equestria resides, oh and the element bearers also live there too, but they aren't the focus of this story, oh no they aren't instead our story shall focus on the adventures of the one Human in Equestria, and his rag tag band of pony heroes.


Our hero is called anonymous, or anon for short, the ponies decided to call him that for some unknown reason, most likely because he didn't have a name when he came here, only a number, and nopony was comfortable with calling him with the twelve digit long code that was his name, so Anon it is.


Anon has been in equestria for over two years now, he's been doing odd jobs around town, and even helped out during the invasion of canterlot, Celestia had asked him to guard the ancient archives below canterlot castle, due to him having advanced weaponry, (the cleaners were not too happy with having to clean up the charred and dismembered remains of about sixty changelings, celestia enjoyed hearing the choice words many of the cleaners had to say to anon after that incident) many changelings tried to enter the archives to steal the many powerful weapons and artifacts stored there, Anon managed to hold out against the overwhelming force and once queen chrysalis had been defeated he helped the guard round up all remaining changelings left in canterlot.


After that Anon returned to ponyville and begun working civilian jobs again, such as working at the post office, helping dash with training, picking apples at sweet apple acres, being a research project at twilights, helping rarity with her designing, helping pinkie walk home after a crazy party, protecting fluttershy while she is in the everfree forest, helping spike as he tries to win rarity's heart (not very likely to happen, but hey might as well let the kid dream) and other odd jobs around town.


Now however, the crystal kingdom has returned after a thousand years of being invisible (just kidding) and celestia has asked Anon to investigate and has given him funding to create a small group of soldiers, and buy some coffee.


Now all that is to be done is raise a group of soldiers out of the cuteness that is Celestia's little ponies. (Good luck with that anon)


Anon: https://mlpforums.com/uploads/d94aa76edcda1d402d4fc0ef7ee16853.jpg


Just post your OCs and we'll get this show on the road.









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Well I guess it would be a small group of militia that would become Anon's Commando squad.


Basically I'm looking for a group of ponies to create a squad of light hearted and poorly trained pony militia.


Or maybe a squad of tough as nail super pony soldiers that aren't to serious while on the job.


Sound good.

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