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94% done, everyone! ^^

Just one more missing line! One more!


Then the visuals, background music, sound effects and we can review it for release. ^^

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I suggest looking in our Voice Acting Guild. There's a collection of VAs who might be up for it.   I can also post it over there to send them this way.

Ok, this is a project I've been trying to get off the ground for months now. The project is a fanfiction reading of a TF2/MLP crossover called Walking Nightmare.   Here's a link to the story : http:

*Smiles* Set your face to stunned, dear sir.   Spy and Sniper:    Scout, Soldier, Heavy, Engineer, Demoman, Pyro, Medic, Sniper's letter to a certain princess: 

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Best of luck to all involved. Look forward to seeing the finished product! :)


Thanks for the luck. ^^


And  you'll be seeing it very soon, because we're 98% done! ^^


We're almost there, everybody! 8D



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How long is the show?


Probably done by now.

The total runtime of the first chapter came up to 1:34:59. ^^


It's currently 84% uploaded onto Youtube. I'll be setting it to private so we can all look it over before I make it public.

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The video is currently unlisted and I sent it to all of you. So, we can still all look over it it together or individually, depending on what everyone prefers. 

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I'm currently going back through and fixing some of the audio issues you guys pointed out. Also, I've found a way to fix the cut off. So, we're making good progress so far. ^^

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EQD has notified me that the reading will be going on their site! ^^


8D Seriously!? That's awesome!

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Production of Chapter Two has officially begun. ^^



For everyone, here's a link to Chapter 2:




Those who already recorded their Chapter 2 lines already and sent them to me during Chapter 1's production. I'm going to be double checking that I have them and making sure they are secure in the Chapter 2 lines folder. If it appears that I've misplaced them, I'll be contacting you guys about them.


Also, we're starting to get into more characters being introduced. So, if anyone wishes to audition. Go right ahead. ^^

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I may try out for some new people

lol spike has like 3 lines again


Yeah, I was rereading it and yeah. He does. Sorry, dude. < : (

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Sorry for the lack of updates these past few days, guys. I've been busy with work and a project for a local theatre. But don't worry, we're still moving forward! ^^


Speaking of which...








For Chapter 2,


Applebloom (Doctor McCrimmon)

Big Mac (Applecore)

Mr. Cake (Brian Random)

Mrs. Cake

Dinky (Doctor McCrimmon)

Granny Smith (Minty Snowflake)

Masked Earth Pony

Masked Pegasus

Masked Unicorn


(Same process as last time, guys. Send or link me to your audition and we'll take it from there. ^^)

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Hey everyone, hope you've all been well. ^^


Sorry I haven't been keeping the constant updates like last time. College just started up again and it's kicking my butt really hard. However, despite this, progress is being made.


I'm collecting all the lines from everyone as they come in and I'm 3/4 done with the narration. Hopefully, by next week, I can have a visual update for you all.

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