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Planning Mercenaries of Equestria: The Betrayal

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This my fellow ponies is the sequel of Mercs of Equestria. Last time on our journey 6 ponies went on a journey to save the mane 6 from the Seneschal of Light. They had to get 6 keys to get to the Seneschal's realm the Eternal Return. They have three keys. Let me introduce the Mercs of Equestria: Delia a zebra from the Kibwa tribe, Acheron the scholar/black magic user, Dimitri husband of Fluttershy, and finally the leader Draco O'Malley. They had ups and downs but pulled through. Draco's remaining family dead from Acheron's greed. 7 generals representing the 7 deadly sins. 3 generals dead or absorbed. Now is the pivotal era. Now they are in the home of Delia's tribe recovering. They are two ponies down. They need back up before a betrayal happens.


Draco O'Malley = Dragon4111

Delia= Batdragon

Asator = ^

Prince Sidewinder=^

Comrade (Dimitri) Hammer = Dimitri Hammer

Shadow Star =Pripyat Pony

Trench Club =Gloomfury

Mirror slash = Sage Of Six Mirrors

Acheron = Krein


IC: http://mlpforums.com/topic/105725-mercenaries-of-equestria-the-betrayal/

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10,000 bits are standard from Princess Celestia herself who are hiring new mercenaries. And new guys you'll have to be transported to were Draco, Dimitry, and Delia are at which is her tribe. Who's father was possessed by greed. Well through Nex Sacramentum or Death Oath Draco beat the crap out of her father faking his death to satisfie the rules of the Death Oath. Of course that just pissed off Delia.

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I finally got your message! Sorry I've been late in replying, I've been busy with work and...




I'll have the link to my CS here soon, if you'll still have me.



Here we go again! I've read the posts and all, so I'm assuming I've somewhat already been in this particular RP even without posting in it.

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