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How Many OCs Do You Have?

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Well, I have a group of OCs... ^_^


Commission - The Derbyshire Herd (by spitfireart).png


From left to right:


Pathfinder - Cartographer, co-owns a museum, adventurer & explorer


Spirit - Goes to youth academy, avid enthusiast of history & inventions, has twin sister


Corsair - Mercenary leader of Team WingHeart


Opportunity - Goes to youth academy, avid enthusiast of history & inventions, has twin brother


Sojourner - Head of Derbyshire museum, co-owns with Pathfinder, archaeologist, adventurer, explorer




Professor Black Hole - Was avid scientist, cursed with mini black hole in eye, still needs work XD


Unnamed Crystal Pony - WIP


Also, I have a TON of non-pony OCs who started as partially Spyro fan characters, but have essentially branched into their own world completely separate from the source material.


Members of my DragonStar universe:


Note-Some of the ideas presented are influenced by close friends of mine and they (one especially) really helped to develop the universe.

-Draconius Tarsai Draken - Dragon, male, 25, Captain of the Draconian Federation starship Dragonfury
-Darwin Arcticus - Gryphon, male, 25, Drac's closest friend, first mate & commander of the Dragonfury
-Flia Galeron - Firebird, female, 23, Darwin's lover, communications officer & lieutenant of the Dragonfury
-Blue Fox of Faith - Vulpa, male, age unknown, spirit user, shares close spiritual bond with Drac, drafted as head of security on Dragonfury

These four are my original four, if you will. They were my first OC's, which were started as Spyro the Dragon fan characters. Over the years, I branched then away from Spyro into their own being, with some influences coming from various sci-fi franchises. As for other characters...

-D'lara Bernarian - Dragon, female, 25, chief engineer on Dragonfury, had previous relationship with Drac.
-Chesa Tre'shira - Unicorn, female, 30, captain of Draconian Federation starship Dark Star, tomboyish and tougher than most any male
-Yaj'mei - Ru'mar, female, age unknown, was originally part of an invading force, Blue & Drac helped her
-Tileena Alkai - Raccoon, female, 24, current love interest for Drac, junior admiral of the Aquiterrian Alliance star fleet
-Hidoka Mirola - Pegasai, male, 32, captain of cargo ship Valdexia
-Shirea Brosk - Avian, female, 25, member of Avian Scientific Research Institute, associate professor of electrical engineering at Avian Herstam University, Drac's pin-pal from years back in Academy
-Tsukayah - Hybrid, mostly cat, 24, Guardian of a group of nomads that live on the desert

The following characters I generally separate as they act one their own. They form what I call an outlaw group called "Resonance" in that while they operate on the wrong side of the law, they avoid committing crimes against those who do not deserve it. Think of them like Sly Cooper mixed with Outlaw Star.

-Bluestone - Wolf, male, 34, leader of the Resonance team, fun-loving and sarcastic
-Coriana - Skunk, female, 30, second in command, assassin, expert in hand-to-hand combat
-Minearus Husda - Lion, male, 50, expert in weapons and dealings with the black market
-Fenrick Fenlocke - Fox, male, 22, twin, thief, head pilot of the Resonance team and their ship, the "Resonance."
-Fenrika Fenlocke - Fox, female, 22, twin, thief, mechanic, quite the flirty one
-Atrius Callabon - Parasaurolophus, male, 27, expert hacker and intel gatherer
-Xercoma - Ferrett, male, 30, ace starfighter pilot of the team
-Solara - Kangaroo, female, 26, twin, starfighter pilot
-Solana - Kangaroo, female, 26, twin, starfighter pilot

The following are villains in the universe.

-Kilas Dante - Dragon, male, immortal, mostly invincible, ruled a mighty empire from long ago
-Dalmatia - Unknown species, female, age unknown, made of a black & haunting mist, mysterious origins
-Gaius McClaren - Velociraptor, male, 42, corrupt head of the Saurian Republic
-The Demorians - Seemingly demons of shadow and flame
-Arkonian Empire - Immense empire of five galaxies

Lastly, to give a sense of size, these are the main governments.
-The Galactic Protectorate - Sort of a United Nations, if you will...
--Draconian Federation - Made largely of dragons, gryphons, firebirds, unicorns, and pegasai
--Aquiterrian Alliance - Made of the Terrans (furred beings) and the Aquids (those who live in the waters), with some avians...
--Saurian Republic - Made of dinosaurs, reptiles, and amphibians.
--Avian Union - Broke from the Aquiterrian Alliance, made mainly of avians.
--Insectoid Confederation - Speaks for itself, but split between Antiochans (ants), Bezalans (Bees), and Insectopians (the rest).
-The Kingdom of Ainuria - Vulpas homeworld, joined with reformed Ru'mar, only came about after Demorian curse lifted
-The Arkonian Empire - Already mentioned
-Earth - Where it all began...


A few pics I commissioned:


Draconius: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/3896810/

Darwin: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/3896821/

Flia: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/3896841/

Blue: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/3896879/

Bluestone: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/7699617/

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Thirty nine, which consists of a Changeling, two Crystal Ponies, eight Earth Ponies, twelve Pegasi, twelve Unicorns, three Griffons and one Draconequus who can masquerade as a Zebra.


...What? Too many? I get bored a lot, okay!


Well, to be honest I only really use about a dozen or so of them and most are more ideas or templates for characters than fully fledged OCs. Not to mention that about five or six of them exist in the Fallout Equestria universe. My main two though are Gallantry and Chocolate Neapolitan, the former of which is intended to be my ponysona.   

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I have 5 that are in my head. Their names are Silver Wing, Zeron, Arekkusu, Hyper Man, and Silver Wing's little brother (who's name I haven't come up with yet).

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Well I have one recurring character in my stories; Mr. Smiles. 

As of now, I don't really have a Pony OC. But I suppose I should, yeah?

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Well, officially, I have three OCs as you can see on my signature. Otherwise, I also have Spectro, Front Page, who is Sterling's father, and Bubble Gum, who is Sterling's mom. I also have a host of other OCs in the RP Rhapsody in Blue, but I've been too lazy to create profile pages for them. Perhaps I should make some more in the near future... :P

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I have 3, but I have only used one for anything (the one in my avatar). The link to their character pages are on my profile. Comet Streak is the most descriptive.

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non pony ocs: lost count

pony ocs: Well there is Buck Testa, Equestria's resident taxidermist of all things cute, fluffy, and deceased. Personally would love to see what Fluttershy's reaction to taxidermy would be.

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I got OCs in my brain.


Ace: gangster. Member of the Detrot Loco Kings. Don't know why I made like that. Earth Pony


X-Bo: Pegasus that doesn't really care about anything. Loves X-Box


Bubbles: Just like Pinkie. Earth Pony


Autumn: A loving caring pony. Unicorn


Big Hawk: Ponified Tupac. Earth Pony


Butters: Like Fluttershy just a lot more shy. Pegasus


Red Sage: WWII veteran sometimes Red Army veteran. Unicorn or Earth Pony


Cole: country pony that works at Sweet Apple Acres. Earth Pony


Chaff & Denny: Ace's friends also members of DLK. Chaff's a pegasus and Denny is a unicorn


Big Sug: Ponified Notorious B.I.G. Unicorn


Star: Derpy's filly and Dinky's sister. Just like Derpy. Pegasus


Silver Lighting: X-Bo's older sister. She's a b!tch. Pegasus


Blue Moon: Very talented unicorn.

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Nine: five unicorns, two earth ponies, one pegasus, and one alicorn. However, in terms of the canon MLP:FiM universe, it's just one unicorn (my ponysona, as shown in my profile pic), as the other eight exist in a currently vaguely-defined alternate universe. 

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I have two OCs. Mine is my ponified self who I will call, Veiled Spike, and she's a unicorn who's artwork is displayed all over Equestria (I'll come up with a backstory for her later). The other OC is a half alicorn half chaos bringer named Scarred Rhythym, and even though he looks scary, he is actually good at heart, but the dark magic that was inherited in his blood can be only kept under control by expressing himself through music for therapeutic reasons, and without music, he could easily go into depression and slide himself into the dark side, and he's a metal musician that tours all over Equestria. 


(Veiled Spike on the left and Scarred Rhythym on the right)

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Right now, one and I'm still in the process of developing her fully. I might make a few more eventually, but right now I'm fine with just the one.

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