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Soundwave Manipulation with your Mind!

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Yep...you heard it right. You are capable of performing manipulations on soundwaves with your mind. However, only you can hear them, no one else. These manipulations work best on instrumental versions of songs.


In order to perform these manipulations, you must tap into the music. This requires you to focus on EVERY detail of the music. 


With maniputations, you can perform vibrato, pitch bends, slides and other crazy and cool stuff. 


Here's a guided breakdown on how to do the basics. For the best effect, listen to the song through earbuds or high-quality headphones.


1. Pitch bend: Close your eyes and Tap into the song. As said before, this requires you to focus and block out your surroundings. Try to envision the individual sound waves. When the time is right, pretend to pinch one of the sound waves and pull it up. You should hear the pitch bend upward. To bend the pitch down, push down on the wave and release.

2. Vibrato: Follow the steps until you have pinched the soundwave. Lightly shake your wrist or arm. You should hear the note of the song modulate up and down, creating that vibrato effect. It's best to do this when you have a long note 

3. Slide: Follow the steps until you have pinched the sound wave and have it in your grasp. Slowly move it to your left to slide down, or to your right to up. The slide is best used for expression. 

4. Flanger: Follow the steps until you have pinched the sound wave. This time, take your other hand and pinch the bottom of it. Pull it on either sides to split it. Bring it back together again. Keep doing this process. You will hear the flanger as you go. 


There are many more manipulations that you can do. This thread will be posted when I find more manipulations. For now, good luck! Hope to see some great results!

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how much listens you have to make before this starts working?

you must be familiar with the piece. Lock in key points for manipulations when you listen. The number of times a song is listened to varies on the type of person.
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