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I'm giving away an idea.

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Before I go on with this, I'll let the people know that I was tired when this idea popped in my head. So it may be a terrible idea, but I don't care right now, even if I spell words wrnog.

I have an idea that I know I won't use for I lack the skills to do anything with it, so I want other people to do something with it if they want.

So basically, there are a lot of stories about high school romance and meeting the love of your life, but what about before all that? It's the story about a boy in middle school, he plays a few video games, like Zelda and other stuff. He finds a love letter in his locker one day when he gets to school. It says some ooey-gooey stuff that middle-schoolers would think is sweet. at the end it says something like meet me at (insert area here) after school. No name is left, but at the bottom it says "P.S. I like your butt." and the boy is nervous about meeting his secret admirer because of like low self-esteem. So all day he has these day dreams where he fights difficult challenges like in a video game, and here and there a character comes along and helps him with these challenges, and teaches the boy a lesson that helps with his self-esteem. by the end of the day he is no longer nervous and happy endings and stuff, and there's one of those looking at your team kind of things like in Star Wars, and it's all the characters that helped him along the way.

It may be a terrible idea, but I just want to share it with people.

Message me if you want this idea, I only ask that you tell me what you plan on doing with it, and for me to see the final product.

P.S. I like your butt.

I apologize for using Comic Sans

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