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Crossover Star Wars: RE-CAST! (A Round Robin Fan-Fiction Challenge Thread!)

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Star Wars: RE-CAST! - A Round Robin Fan-Fiction


What we will be doing:

We will be taking the longstanding script of Star Wars and making out own little creative edits to it. How, you ask? We will be recasting the Titular Characters with ones from other sources of fiction of course! Imagine if Anakin Skywalker were instead Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender? How would that alter things in the storyline? We could of course try to keep true to the whole “Anakin falls to the dark side over time” and still “romances Padme” while letting our own creative influence flow over the work in its entirety.


What is a “Round Robin”?

A “Round Robin” is a story that multiple authors participate in. This ranges from chapters, to stories, and most times, little collaboration on an overall storyline. Surprises await at every corner!


How will we do it:

Simple. I will be posting the first “chapter” and it will only encompass a small area of the story. A few scenes here and there. Then, whoever is interested in taking the story over from that point will voice their interest in this thread by saying “I will take Chapter 2! Or Chapter 3!” And each person will be given their scenes in which to use for their chapters.


Some simple rules to follow:

  1. Please only post your chapter once you have been approved to do so. You have as much time to work on it as possible. New chapters won't be given out until a prior chapter is posted. Don't be greedy and let other authors try their hands at it. We're looking for both inexperienced and skilled writers for this.

  2. Do not change characters another author has selected! Do your best to write for the characters provided. HOWEVER, if in your chapter a new character is introduced, feel free to replace the CANON characters with whomever you like! As this is a challenge and an exercise for all of us, we must keep what we are given and add where we are able. If someone has already introduced Fluttershy as Yoda then that is how it shall remain throughout the story (and coincidentally all of the films, if we make it that far. We can hope so!)

  3. Keep your characters “in-character” while being “in-character”. Confused? My apologies. In the previous example, Fluttershy need not speak in riddles. She might still retain a lot of her “shy, adorable” qualities while still attempting to be a mentor to other Characters.

  4. Follow the format! The format will be as such and placed at the beginning of each chapter:

    Chapter Author: (This will be your username of course)

Previous Chapter Author: (The author of the previous Chapter)

Original Cast Introduced: (Original characters from the scene)

Replacement Cast Introduced: (Characters replacing those in the above- mentioned spot) (Do try to keep them in order)

Replacement Cast Info: (Links to an informational page regarding the new characters so other writers can understand how they may act.)


  1. Be courteous to your fellow writers! We'll be working on this together. Don't force the character to run away or get killed just because you don't approve of it personally. Give it a shot! We'll see where it goes and enjoy it!
  2. If you don't know how the character would act, just do your best! This is an exercise in creative and spontaneous writing!

  3. Have fun! That's why we're doing it. We're not going for a prize, we're not doing it to get published, we're doing it for fun. Enjoy writing and enjoy being part of a magnificent team of writers whose skills vary from novice to experienced!


How do we get started:

As I have mentioned earlier, I will post the first chapter. Then, whomever posts their interest to take on the next chapter will receive a message from me with what their chapter should encompass. Your chapters can always include as much as you want to, but they must never jump ahead in the story to a point in someone else's chapter. Use your fellow writers' previous chapter as an example and go from there. Wherever your scene ends, make sure to wrap up your chapter appropriately.


I will be here to field any questions we may have about the process~!  :o

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