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If the Bronies and Pegasisters were a civilization, what will they be?


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Assuming some bronies and pegasisters created a new country in another world, here are the questions about this civilization of theirs:


What will be their type of government?


What will their technology be like? (modern/archaic/updated/anachronistic)


Will they be nomadic/sedentary/semi-nomadic?


What will their typical relations with other countries? (hostile/friendly/cautious/hyper-cautious)


(If they desire to emulate a historical period, e.g. Victorian = steampunks, what will it be? Modern/Updated/Medieval)


What would be their sports, and common entertainment (no nation could survive by watching TV alone, nor could it by only speaking about ponies; everyone there needs some form of other interests, e.g. racing, petanque, baseball, music!)?


What would be their favorite music genre?


How much of their citizenry will be literate?


What economic system would they practice?


What kind of ideology would they follow? (e.g. conservative/liberal/dictatorship/moderate/extremist)

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Would it be any different than the US' way of running things, since the majority of the fandom is from there? I could very well be wrong, but I find it almost impossible to imagine any type of municipality run solely by bronies being any different from what's already existing.

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Here are the values you want for your Civilization V mod:



Leader: Lauren Faust McCracken

Bias: Grassland

Unique Units:


(Replaces Missionary)

(Requires 1 Horses resource)

(Faith cost increased from 200 to 250)

Movement increased from 4 to 6

When their Religious Strength reaches zero, 20% chance of creating a Great Musician or Great Artist in the Capital.

Sonic Rain-Nuke

(Replaces Nuclear Missile)

Explosion no longer causes radioactive fallout.


Ability: Seasonal Anticipation

+2 Culture, +2 Faith, +2 Gold in every city and +5 Happiness for 3 Turns every time Bronydom enters a new Era.


The Internet increases Tourism in all Cities by 150% instead of 100%, and by 25% through the civilization with The Great Firewall.


Spy Names:

Donut Steel




Mr. Pones

Dr. Whooves


Preferred Religion: Gabenism


Preferred Ideology: Freedom

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