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Searching Rainbow Factory RP

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Recently, I had the joy to read over Pegasus Device. Seeing how they introduce new ponies into the factory, I wanted to see if I could do an rp as a new employee being promoted to the upper facotyr.


NOTE: It helps if you've read or at least understand the story of Pegasus Device. This would happen between the time span of the first Rainbow Factory and Pegasus Device


I would want to play the new employee whose being promoted to the new facotyr.


You'd play...someone who works there who is slightly insane, and is my (basically) teacher for the factory, or something along those lines.


Anypony interested?

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Awh. If only I had gotten here sooner. I have an OC that's  a fan character for Rainbow Factory. Then again, I haven't read Pegasus Device. Yet.

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