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Which pony race would be that celebrity?


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OK, this game is easy, I'll say a celebrity and you'll say which pony race would he/she be, then you'll say another celebrity and the replier will tell which pony race would he/she be and then mention another... And the chain continues ;)




Lauren Faust - Alicorn


OK, I'll start:


Keanu Reeves



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Unicorn (or alicorn perhaps).


Tara Strong, mostly because she voices Twilight. XD



*looks at profile picture/avatar*


Riku?! :o


(Sorry, it's because I'm a big Kingdom Hearts fan and the kingdom part of my forum name is based on it and my first name in english which means kingdom. XD So I couldn't help but notice your adorable profile picture. And LPS is cool too. :D )

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