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Need advice on OC


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Well, just as the title says. I need advice. on an OC. Here's the story. I was drawing a cool base I saw on the internets just to see where I ended up. So I randomly started drawing a bat pony (had no intension of doing that when I started) and I just fell in love with her. I think she is so cute. I have the appearance and basic personality traits, but I'm asking you for advice on backstory, name, and color. Keep in mind, I will only get inspiration from your ideas. I won't directly copy any idea you offer.






Personality: She doesn't feel like she fits in with the rest of society and feels judged around other ponies. She acts happy, but feels out of place around others. She doesn't act herself around them for fear of looking stupid. She is quiet in groups only speaking when she is directly spoken to, or if she hears a topic of her interest. She doesn't have anypony she really considers a true friend and is by herself most of the time. However, when she is completely alone, her true self comes out. She is sarcastic, adorable, adventurous, curious, and spunky. One of her biggest desires is to feel like she fits in with everypony.

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She looks like the shy quiet type, but we don't want another fluttershy do we? She could easily go for a strong silent type but when she does speak she's very quiet and myseterious. A cutiemark is something I can't ever suggest though because I believe that something the creator needs to come up with personally.


If i weren to make a bat pony myself, i lean towards how I was when I was a teen. Feeling troubled, isolated, angry, and would keep to myself to avoid a fight cause most likely i'd cause it. I'd live alone either in a home made of a tree, or a cave and only venture out at dusk or twilight for supplies. I'd be hard to get along with cause I would treat everypony like they were constantly challening my character in society for how i looked. It's similar to Lightning Bliss in that she has large ears and a gryphon like tail. But bat ponies have fangs, and batlike wings and and eyes... it's scary and unsual and ponies tend to fear the scary and unusal. Her cutiemark would more likely be a quill and sketch pad cause that was my comfort zone back in the day, drawing in my sketchbooks. Just like me, she'd hide in her sketches, drawing up makebelieve friends and comrades.

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A name that just comes to mind is Ivory Shell.


What I'm thinking for a backstory, she is born of a family of pegasi but further investigation reveals that there are a few bat ponies on both sides of the family.

Or if this makes it a different family, not only is there a bat pony in the family but her pegasi parents turn out to be third cousins where the bat pony in question is a common ancestor.


Growing up as a batpony in a pegasus community was tough.


As for colors, going mostly cool seems obvious. Whatever the final colors turn out to be, if you were to then manipulate the image to only show their shades of gray, at the very least, the coat should be the darkest color with the mane and tail being lighter. The eyes can be either just as light as the mane/tail or the eyes could be even lighter but not too light that it starts to blend with the sclera (actually, that goes without saying). If the eyes and mane/tail are going to be the same color, have them stand out from the coat color. If the eyes will be a different color, have that stand out from the rest of the body. Some do this (for bat ponies) by having the coat, mane and tail have cool colors but give the eyes a warm color. Or the eyes could have a relatively light color compared to the rest of the body.


Getting just a little more specific with the colors, bat ponies' colors all seem to fit for a night-time environment. That said, I would recommend you look at some night-time environments from the show and have the colors fit in those environments. I'll put one here for convenience's sake.



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