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Best Comic-Con exclusive Pony toy?


What is the Best Comic-Con exclusive toy?  

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    • 2012 Derpy Hooves
    • 2013 DJ Pon-3
    • 2014 Mane-Iac

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Well, Comic-Con is over for me.  It's been a long run and I'm gonna be sad that it's going away.  That being said, I have a question for those of you who follow Comic-Con.  What is the best of the three MLP Exclusives since 2012?


1) Derpy Hooves: Made available during the 2012 Comic-Con.  This is one of the most sought after My Little Pony toys as it sold out day after day.  Good Luck to anyone getting this toy as I've seen it at $132 on Amazon.


2) DJ Pon-3: Unlike Derpy, which had a brushable mane, DJ Pon-3 had none.  Instead, she had glitter on her static mane and Swarvorski "Lead" Crystals on her horns and glasses.  The packaging also lit up.  She sold out at Comic-Con(Though not as fast as Derpy), but was still available for awhile on the Hasbro Toy Shop website


3) Mane-Iac Mayhem: Note, I will not count the Equestria Girls toy.  Unlike Derpy and DJ Pon-3, the Mane-iac had no crystals nor a brushable mane.  She does have glitter on her collar and sleeves.  Also, she comes with Spike as Humdrumm.  Interestingly, the figure was still available when the lines were open to everyone at Comic-Con, so ether she didn't sell well, or Hasbro wised up and decided to a: have more available and b: not sell any to exhibitors.


So what do you think?  Which MLP toy from the Hasbro Toy Shop at Comic-Con was the best?  You can take alook at all three of em(Which I now own) below.


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For coolness factor alone I'd have to say the vinyl. The package lit up, which just increases the coolness factor to 11. The derpy is awesome as if I am correct it is the first official derpy merchandise piece, and was highly sought after, but the vinyl just beats in in coolness factor with her sparkly horn and light up box.

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That is neat. I would probably like to have Lauren Faust sign it if I could. But I think the three figures you have must be part of a very good collection?

A small set of My Little Pony figurines were the start of a collection of My Little Pony figures.  The Derpy was one of the earliest My Little Pony toys I got.


Ironically, I got the Mane-Iac doll from Comic-Con and that's my first ever Equestria Girls toy.

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