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Glass of Water (Chiptune Cover)


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While this isn't actually one of my favorite songs from the show, I definitely thought making a cover of it would provide an appropriate challenge. Which it definitely did.


Anyways, I hope you enjoy it and, as always, criticism is accepted!


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Nice job mate. I don't have much experience in writing cliptune music, but I can imagine seeing in some sort of "timed challenge mini-game" in a NES game (even though I don't think NES allow this many layers).

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Freakin' awesome, man.  I didn't know anyone did these besides RainbowCrash88, though I admittedly haven't been pawing through every little iota of the pony music scene like I used to.


I will admit that to my personal taste I prefer NES-style to the commodore 64-style or whatever the heck it is that has those "warbly" notes I hear here, I really really REALLY hate those warbly notes even though 90% of 8bit custom music I hear online that isn't SPECIFICALLY modelled after the NES or Game Boy soundchips tend to have them.  But that's just a taste thing; they're used well enough here anyway and it's an excellent rendition regardless.  You've definitely earned yourself a subscriber.

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