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If these ponies became into alicorns, what powers will they have?


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We already knew and speculated upon what powers will they have if Twily and Ponka Poe got alicorn-ified, but what kind of powers these ponies will get if they became into alicorns?


* Rainbow Dash

* Fluttershy

* Applejack

* Rarity


* Derpy Hooves

* Lyra and Bonbon

* Trixie and Sunset Shimmer


(Bonus question: how will they rule Equestria, and what kind of commands will each pony order if they became into alicorns?)

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Applejack would have the power to make people to tell the truth and instead of banishing the bad to the moon she would turn them into Apples. Also her orders would be to make all of the pony community to pick apples and run apple farms. 

Fluttershy would have the power to summon Smaug but is unable to because she lakes the confidence.

Rarity would order all of the ground in Equestria to be turned into a silk carpet and her power would be to annoy Rainbow Dash.

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Applejack would be princess of eyebrows and her magical brows would cause earthquakes and shoot lasers.


(sorry that was the most random fic I ever read)

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Fluttershy as an Alicorn would have the dignity and grace of Celestia, and the power to command the Grand Squirrel Armies.


Rarity as an Alicorn might accidentally gold-line and engrave several cities.


Rainbow Dash probably would forget she was an alicorn most of the time, or just use magic to feed herself rather than picking things up.


Trixie and Sunset Shimmer would co-rule Equestria for about two hours before friendly chiding on the use of fireworks to perform Royal duties proves unruly.

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