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Request Need help editing music (Cleaning audio and removing background noise)

Crimson Strings

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Hello all. I have a friend who has been editing my music but he's been busy lately and I am producing pieces faster than he can edit. 


If you only want to help on one or two of my pieces that would be great although I would love if someone could help me long term, I don't want to make it sound like a job since I don't have money to pay you, and I will try not to rush you or be bossy(although I can be particular) but I want to be composing music for at least a couple years and at the moment I have already composed 2 pieces that have not been edited and am working on the third.


My target is to compose 2-3 pieces a month, although this is achievable now I am going to university this September so I might find it difficult then, or at least near exam time.


I will of course give you credit in the description and will even link people to your channel.


As I've said I don't have money but if you make music and need a violin part played I would be more than happy to help, even if you don't help me out you can ask and if I'm not busy I'll probably help.



Here is an example of the type of music I make https://www.youtube....1MBZRaeA/videos



Thank you for reading and if you are interested leave a reply, I have Skype and steam if you want to talk more about it


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