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Searching A changelings true heart

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A changeling noticed bad was happening as the Crystal Empire was being destroyed.Christa is her name, half pony, half changeling, at age 6, she was cursed to become one of them at age 16.She fights hard with herself, trying to push away the evil in her.Will she do it alone or will her friends help her through, the hardest thing she will go through



Oc:Dusk Shade-Hivemind- http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/hivemind-r6825

Oc:Sabertooth the puppy-Shadow falle- http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/shadow-falle-r5823



Canon Character:

Canon Character:

This is what Christa looks like:


A shy and loving mare, never one to argue or get mad

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