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First off, sorry the responses took so long, I had no idea anypony had asked me anything XD


Do you have any Dr. Who or pony related (or both) stickers on your car? If you don't have a car, substitute that for anything you do have and would put stickers on.

If so, which ones? :)

Unfortunately I don't have my own car, but if I did, I'd probably put some stickers on it.  I don't have any pony stickers on anything, I prefer buttons, and I have a ton of them that I put on my con bag :D



If you really are the Doctor, then tell me something only the Doctor would know!

How would you know its something only I, The Doctor would know?  Besides, if I told you something only I know, I wouldn't be the only one who knew it now would I?



Doctor, if you could have any companion come to this world as a pony, who would it be?

Come along, Pond......



Would you like some fish fingers in vanilla sauce?

I'd prefer them in custard, but if none is available, I suppose vanilla sauce will do.  Just don't offer me toast, it's rubbish.

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Well now I'm intrigued. Any chance you could post a pic of your con bag? :)

Sure, let me get it ready and I'll post a pic.  I've got mostly pony buttons, but I did add a couple of Chipmunk buttons I'll be adding to it for this photo, so you'll all be the first to see the new upgraded bag ;)






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Weird double post just happened. I blame your police box

I apologize for that, something went wrong with the time vortex manipulator and created a paroxical wormhole that ened up creating a duplicate post.....long story short, time got all wibbly wobbly.

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I have several, so it's hard to choose.


I think, that my absolute dream vacation would be to go to New Zealand.  It's such a beautiful country, and I'd love to go on a tour of variuous locations that have been used in movies and TV shows like Lord of the Rings and Xena: Warrior Princess.

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I'll be sure to come crying to you the next time he smacks me, we'll make it like an anime scene XD


Red, for reasons I could explain, but won't do to nerdery.


Bike riding.  I feel like I'd be doing more riding my bike than just jogging.


I like to sing, even if I'm no good at it, I feel far to awkward to dance.......sober.

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