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Alix Alicor


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Alix Alicor


(Links to Deviantart page)


This is my first OC. I doubt he'd be my ponysona, but I wanted to make an OC of my own. I made Alix here in Adobe Illustrator. His cutie mark is the image of an alicorn. A pony with a horn and two wings on either side. I'll probably upload the cutie mark onto my deviantart tomorrow. I'll link it into this post when I have.


I don't have a real solid background for this pony, just a bunch of ideas. What I'm mostly worried about is the art. I clearly could have done much better, but I'm stuck using the pen tool if I want decent lines.


What do you bronies think of Alix Alicor? What could I have done better. What have I done well?

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Well one thing's for sure, you might wanna get your flame shield up and now. Just in case.


About the pony, plain and simple colors seems pretty good. (sorry, I don't have experience with judging oc's)


rating: 6/10 needs a story to him for better rating. just a suggestion 

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