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Sonic Rainboom: The Go-Kart

Due Diligence

Interested in supporting the Rainboom car?  

  1. 1. Could you make it to an event to support us with crowd votes?

    • Yes, at the event in San Mateo, CA
    • Yes, at the event in Kansas City, MO
    • No, but I'll totally send some good feels your way
  2. 2. If you can make it to an event, will you come in Pony gear and show the organizers that we're awesome?

    • Yes
    • Super Yes

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This may be a little more unusual than the standard artwork around here, but hopefully it still counts.


To compete in an event called Power Racing Series, you need a custom go-kart built out of a childrens toy like a Power Wheels car, and it has to fit all of their rules to be allowed in. If you're interested in more details the link is in my signature.


Half the points are from speed and half from crowd votes. I thought, what's fast and could draw a bunch of crowd votes?



--- Not my art.




This thread is to track the process of the Sonic Rainboom kart from Team 20% Cooler (link in signature as well). Feel free to ask questions, or if you see me making any newbie mistakes I welcome you pointing them out. There may be a Fluttershy car as well... if there's enough Brony support.


This is the pedal car body I chose to start out with. It's pretty small for an adult to ride, so I'm going to do some chopping and stretching.




Here's the current progress on the design. The front half will be skinned with velcroed-on blue fur, the back half with rainbow fur, because of course I'm taking this seriously.





There's already been some anti-Brony sentiment, to the point where they discussed not letting me compete because I'd possibly have an unfair advantage with the crowd vote side of it. In the end, the organizer allowed the design but offered a 300 point bonus to anyone who makes a car from a cartoon he chooses... When it comes time to race this early next year I'll need some Bronies in the crowd pushing the button that is 20% cooler than the rest.



Here's a video of the event this year for some idea of what Rainboom will be competing against.

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