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inspiration manifestation Rarity vs Lord business

chirox the pony

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Earlier today I was thinking about the similarities between possessed Rarity and Lord business from the lego movie, Both are extreme perfectionists who will do anything to make everything 100% perfect(even if it means ruining the lives of others). So i ask you who would win in a battle? Lord business with his army of robots and micro managers, or possessed Rarity with her dark magic.

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Considering Rarity with dark magic was able to trans-mutate anything at will and required three Alicorn princesses to undo all the damage she did to Ponyville, I'd imagine that she can quickly conjure up alot of stuff to defeat Lord Business unless they can speedblitz her before she's able to pull it off.

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Possessed Rarity was able to enough damage by herself in half of a day that it took three alicorn princesses hours upon hours to fix.


I'm pretty sure a few Lego People wouldn't be the slightest problem with her :D

But Rarity doesn't like sticky icky things, and Lord Business has The Kragle.


We got a fight on our hooves, ladies and germs.

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