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Tell me what you think about my video


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Not to shabby overall, you seem to atleast have things to talk about, although there are some issues of course.


First of all you should have started with an intro screen or black screen in my opinion with just you speaking and talking about things not directly related to the preview. I feel like the fact that you didn't have time to speak about general things about the movie kind of made this feel more like you just had the preview clip as a backing for your commentary, which is ok if it's like after actually watching and analyzing/reacting to the clip, but not during the clip, because it feels like your basically paying hardly any attention to the clip except in the very start.


Also the cut and the bleep out were kind of sloppily done, no offense. the beep was quite loud in relativity to the other sounds, and you still needed to cut out the actual audio clip to give the correct effect that bleeping normally does(even though I feel the bleeping out was kind of unnecessary.) the cursing could even be considered unprofessional or unnecessary as well. I mean I guess it's ok for a reaction, but if your trying to explain things as a type of post analysis, you should probably have some kind of script or a general idea of what your saying. Making the cursing feel unnecessary. It's not a big deal really, just something to consider.


As for the cut, it was just kind of weird, also I think you didn't pause the clip at all when the cut happened, it just kinda made an effect and went on, if you were to try and do the cut effectively like it is normally done, you'd want to backup a bit in the clip to the point before you said the line, and do it again.


Also, cuts like that are kind of weird in a reaction, since it's a reaction, so it's not like your reading from a script typically while reacting, in contrast to what you would do in the start or afterwards.


You got off to a bit of a rough start at the beginning, of course this probably would've been fixed using the other fixes I suggested earlier.


Audio quality was pretty good overall, no static or anything that was annoying from what I can tell, which is good. If you don't already, you should get audacity to record audio and use it to erase the noise in your audio, it makes the audio sound very clean, even if you the actual audio isn't amazing quality. You can learn how to do it in several tutorials on YouTube, just look it up.


Overall you did an ok job, there are things you did right, but the thing that felt weird is that the video seemed confused on what it was, whether it was a reaction, or analysis, or a discussion, or what.


With those fixes I mentioned though, I think your video quality will shoot up tremendously.


Also keep in mind that I was just trying to break down and find issues as much as I could, sorry if I sound mean or to aggressive as if your video is terrible crap. But trust me, critique is very useful, regardless of whether it's video making, or anything in life, as long as you consider it and apply it if you deem it necessary.


Good luck in the future! 

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I agree with Zygen that the opening had a rushed feel to it. Black screen or a pause on the Rainbow Rocks title as you set up the point of the video and maybe some background on yourself. (remember this is your opportunity to connect with your audience). Not sure if this was a simple reaction or discussion as discussed above, and if it was I personally prefer a conversational approach. For those use at least talking points. If this was an analysis or a hybrid, you should go for scripting. Also pause for effect to discuss specific shots (IGN actually does this to great effect in their Rewind videos). 


Otherwise it was a good go, and better than I could do.

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it's definatly alright although i would suggest working on  your pronounciation. sometimes it can be hard to understand everything you say. despite this beeing a quallity video it still has that one downside. 

and yeah i would also suggest the censor sound to be a little lower cause it was rather loud O.o

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