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Looking for a group to help create fanfiction.


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I need help!



You see, I want to become a MLP Fanfic writer, but I have a couple of issues:


1. I can't start stories. I can jump into another story and continue from where ever once the characters are established, but I can't, for the life of me, create a story from scratch.


2. I can't write other characters. As much as I want to, I don't trust myself enough to write for other characters other than the ones I created.


3. I lack ideas. I can come up with a basic idea of what I want to happen, but I can never come up with nearly enough stuff to write a single chapter, no less a whole story.


4. I can't draw cover art. Simple as that.



Now here is where YOU come in!


I need the following people to help me create a self-insert, human-goes-to-equestria type of fanfic:


1. Co-Writers. People who will help me keep going. People who can help me get past roadblocks. People who can give me ideas.


2. People willing to RP as different ponies in Equestria. I don't know all I will need, but I do know I will need at least the mane 6.


3. People able to quote the show. I might not need this, but if people want to, I won't stop you.


4. An artist. I need someone who will create cover art, and, if wanting to, create pictures within the story. I only need one, though, so...



I will also need your skype name. I will need someway of contacting you and everyone else at the same time, so...


For artist, I will need some examples of your work.



Besides that, I will accept anyone to help me




Looking forward to working with you,


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Hm...This was posted today? I'm interested in the cover artist position

Examples of my work can be found on my DA, however I will leave a little 'spoiler' so you don't have to go searching. I also lack the art skills for backgrounds, however this will give me alot of practice.


These are some sketches I have done in which I might never finish so if you want to use these thats just fine









Here is some finished artwork I have done








EDIT: Sorry, my skype is Kittywilleatchu

Sorry about not adding that

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I've actually been curious if this fandom embraces collaborations in fan fiction.


A current popular method in fiction collaborations (not fan made) follows this process


- Story meeting

- Author 1 - Outline

- Author 2 - Beats

- Author 1 - Draft

- Author 2 - Revision

- Author 1 - Polish


The above can be re-arranged based on strengths and weaknesses of the authors. Also, this helps to make different voices blend. Another idea is specific to POV. In some stories and novels when the POV shifts a different author will write those scenes. Eventually they start looking at polishing each others work, and then the entire thing each, hopefully blending two distinct voices.


- Story meeting

- Author 1 - Outline

- Author 2 - Beats

- Author 1 - Character 1 POV Draft and Revision

- Author 2 - Character 2 POV Draft and Revision

- Author 1 - Character 2 POV Polish

- Author 2 - Character 1 POV Polish

- Author 1 - Final Polish 1st round

- Author 2 - Final Polish 2nd round


Just some thoughts on two ways this actually works for professional fiction authors.

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