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What are you going to expect out of season 5?


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I don't know how they're going to beat season 4, but hopefully they will!


I'm expecting a lot of travel to new lands, a lot of conflicts the main 6 have to solve, maybe even a rift between the friends that they need to solve (possibly the season finale?).

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In general, I expect a loosely connected season long thread, the return of some old foes or antagonists, and some pairings of characters we haven't seen a lot of. I also expect a Luna and Applebloom episode. I think that there are solid reasons to think that those would happen.


I have a season 5 wish list, but some are likely not going to happen (like Patrick Steward as Starswirl the Bearded vs Discord)


Oh you wanted me to rate it. Hard to do since we only have a few tidbits. Here is how I rank each season overall


Season 1 - 9/10

Season 2 - 10/10

Season 3 - 8/10

Season 4 - 10/10


As you can see I tend to really like the show :D


I expect the quality to remain what it has been.

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As long as it has Pinkie my expectations will be satisfied. :maud:


It would be nice to see Maud again tho,because Maud. :maud:

A Pie Family Reunion is way overdue! Edited by Jeric
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A Pinkie Family Reunion is way overdue!


Now that you mention it,yes,a Pinkie Family Reunion would be a excellent opportunity to see Pinkie's whole family in persona. :maud:


Im very curious as to the personalities(and possible other worldly powers) of her sisters.  :maud:

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I think that:


  • There will be a villain that will be the cause of all the problems during the season, but won't be revaled until the season finale
  • One of the Cutie Mark Crusaders might get their Cutie Mark (Season Finale)
  • Somehow Twilght will lose all her powers and become an earth pony temporarily
  • There will be another Applejack VS Rainbow Dash episode
  • Power Ponies might return
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there's actually something i noticed at the end of the season. there were multiple cliffhangers used in the whole season (the pony of shadows, fluttershy still having fangs, etc...) that never got answered. could these be something for season 5?

i know they might end up to be absolutely nothing but it might mean something.


i hope they made those cliffhangers for that reason. that'd be some epic continuity  ^_^

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I don't know what to expect but I certainly know what I would want.


First, Season 4 had much more action than usual, I'd say and believe it will be like that in Season 5. I would prefer more SoL episodes.

Furthermore, Twilight has a castle now, and I believe she will act more like a Princess. Because, even though she was a Princess in Season 4, she did not really do anything as a Princess.


I think Discord will play a more important part than before.

The writers also did give away information on Season 5, but I cannot exactly remember what.


Alright, that is all I can think of for now.

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