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Everbat the bat of the forest? (art)


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Okay I just felt like showing you guys my newest work soo here... 






I hope it's alright oh and to make it clear YES Everleaf is a alicorn YES as I said this is the bat version of her and NO this is not my best work....



just in case you are not aware she's alicorn of the Everfree so that's why she's well...in the forest  :lol:



So what do you think of this bat version of this forest mare? good? bad? I don't know XD 



just to let you know if you feel you want to follow my works as you may know I got a Deviantart http://kerriecat.deviantart.com/




so comment below and say what you think if you feel like it drop down a pic of your oc as a batpony.




I just remembered I forgot the vines around her neck....it's been added back on DA.

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It's good. I really like the style :)


But, would it be possible to see her whole body ? I want to know what she looks like :(


I will in the future I was planning too this was pretty much a quick sketch however seen in my profile pic you can see her full body as her normal self (she's around the size of Cadence) oh and thanks. :)

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