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Facebook Friends: How to Become an Arch Mage!

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Note: This post is completely satirical. All and any views expressed are by me and anyone else who may or may not agree with them.


So I got to thinking. One of my friends on Facebook posted a message to a satire sight talking about just the worst things you could think about the concept of a Brony(funny as hell though but the language was kind of just way too insulting if someone took it seriously.) So, in return I offered my comments about the article, which I then turned to satire myself.


I decided that since the article used examples from the show, that I would too. I thought about the concept of friendship is magic. And I'm not talking about the metaphorical sense, I mean the LITERAL sense. I started talking about how friendship was a source of magic in the show, and then it clicked...


Everyone on Facebook who have hundreds of friends, some of which they don't know, are secretly studying magic! They want to be the top wizard and mage. True friends  increase their knowledge and understanding of arcane arts, no doubt, but so do the random people. Even if they are internet friends, like most of us on here, they still have power! And with greater friends, more power flows through them!

Let me break it down scientifically: We all want attention, and crave acceptance. We feed off attention and want to not feel alone in the world. So how do you get people to have your full and complete attention? By putting on a magic show of course! Who wouldn't watch one?! With more magic and advanced tricks and illusions, the more the crowd grows. So it's only logical that people are using social media to grow their mana reserves and increase their intellect by expanding their circle of influence.


I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. Mark Zuckerburg is a high wizard. You almost fooled me, sir.



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Trixie had no friends though, just like Sunset Shimmers. She used an Amulet and before that cheap magic. If she had more friends, her power and career would be better but she won over her fans with flashy tricks that weren't really that great. She needs to get a Facebook :D lol.

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Since this topic is more intended as a light, humorous thread rather than a serious discussion, I am moving it to the Forum Lounge.  General Discussion is reserved for more serious in depth discussions where the Forum Lounge is more appropriate for threads such as this one.

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