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This may sound really stupid and may not make a whole lot of sense, as I am a complete noob at Flash.

Okay, hello to whoever is reading this, can I just say I know the (sort of) basics, as I have made rotoscope-esque animations before.

So, I want to make an animation based on a youtube video. I know how to rip the sound from that, but how would I animate around it, like lip synching and shizz? I've Googled a whole lot of stuff, but alas Google has failed me.

Please help. Please.

(Also Mods, sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't too sure where to put it.)

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Are you asking about how to set up everything in Flash, or about the fundamentals of lip-sync animation?  I haven't used Flash in a really long time, but I can help you with the latter.

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