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Looking for After Effects Pony Puppets!

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Hello there everypony, this is my first post in this forum! I'm just wondering if there is any such thing as animation puppets for after effects. I know there are plenty of flash puppets but if none for AE exist I'd be willing to pay for a service.


Well, Flash is really your best bet for this kind of thing, I dont think anybody has actually taken the time to make AE puppets. Sorry :(

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I thought the TTBSP videos were made in after effects, right? If so I NEED his puppets! If not are there an animators that have made some puppets comparable with AE?

I am not entirely sure what TTBSP is, but you could find the contact info for the animator and then ask for the details.


I did some research for you last night, there appears to be none public, so sorry.


(why do you need AE so desperately when Flash is better for this task?)

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Hey guys I found this thread because I was looking for the same thing but I actually decided to go and make it :3. Me and some other guy are trying to master pony puppets in AE. Its still quite crude but this is a quick vid i made using my model. 

 PM me or something and maybe we can work something out (I made this acc just to post this so idk how msging works :P)


P.S. also this rig is only about 10 hours old so it'll get a lot more refined in future :)

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