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Hey y'all!


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Hey guys! I've been checking out this site for a while, mostly the "we can only post with pictures" thread, 'cause that thread pretty hilarious, and after a while, I decided I wanted to interact with you guys, so I joined. Anyways, I'm 14, was born in the Florida, and I currently live in NC. If anyone here plays CoD, you know where I got the inspiration of my username, 'cause I do love me some akimbo pistols (Akimbo machine pistols are a different story -_-). I'm kinda of a house hermit, if that makes any sense lol, but I do have a good amount of friends. Just like a lot of people, I'm not sure why I like FiM so much, but whatever, its still freaking awesome.


Also, I absolutely ADORE Applejack. She's southern (Thats an automatic win), has an adorable accent, cute freckles, is a blonde, is a good-worker and isn't afraid to do hard tasks, but is also very beautiful at the same time. Just perfection right there.

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Welcome to the forum!

Practically everybody lurks before they sign-up, so don't worry.


I thought she'd be your favorite, by you're title of the thread.



Well take care and enjoy the site!

Everyone's great and nice!

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