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Searching [Shwartzenegger] Predators in equestria

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((Before I start I just want to make it clear that this RP is about the predators from the Arnold shwartzenegger (god I hope I spelled that right) film, or if you're a comic geek like me, yautja predators. Not things like wolves or other predators))




The RP begins in ponyville, there have been a string of very strange and gory murders happening in the everfree forest. Ponys who enter the forest are found hung up on trees, skinned and sometimes decapitated. You join a team of vounenteers to find, capture, and kill, the killer. But little do you and your team know the killer is really the one hunting you...






Alicorns are allowed, as long as they arn't OP (over powered)


No god modding


No killing each other




current RPers:


Disruptis as Arbok




You can either post a link to your OC or use a sign-up sheet



Sign-up template:






Primary weapon:


Secondary weapon:


Backup/melee weapon:




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I, for one, absolutely LOVE to idea. Do we get to see any xenomorphs as well? That would be amazing. Also I am signing up Arbok


(I'll post the link in a sec)






Stopped ageing years ago (looks 28, haven't updated the OC page yet.


APRF Rifle


Smart Deagle


A crescent hammer (A shovel with a crescent on the other side)

You are accepted! ((I could do a follow-up RP when this one is done where we get to see some xenomorphs, or even on this one))

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*starts giving CPR and mouth-to-mouth to the screen* wait, that's not how you revive a thread, posting is!

Forgot to post my thing, anyway


Name: Midnight Flash (or Middy)


Age: 18


Primary: M249 SAW


Secondary: Taurus Judge


Backup: Bowie knife

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