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Favorite Princess Luna Merchandise?


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'Morning everypony!


I was at Toys R Us yesterday looking for pony toys, and was disappointed with the selection and ESPECIALLY with the lack of accurate princesses!  Princess Luna is my favorite pony, but I only have one tiny Luna figure (from the Pony Friends Forever set).  What are everypony's favorite Luna toys?  I am crossing my hooves that Build A Bear eventually comes out with the alicorn princesses, since I love those plushies and have three of them, but I need some more Luna love in the meantime....

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WOW!  Where did you find her??

I don't think she's available yet; unless you wanna overpay @taoboa; give it a month or two and she'll prolly start showing up in stores along with similar ones for Cadence, Twily, and Celestia...

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